You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?!


“Alicia Filta, I break my engagement with you!”
said Raymond-sama, the son of the Duke of Jaeger. On Raymond-sama’s arm was Miranda-sama, the Baroness’ daughter. Miranda-sama was a pretty, sheltered girl with pink downy hair, big red eyes, and a petite stature.
I, on the other hand, have silver hair and violet eyes, and my facial expression is not as expressive, which is why I am called the “Princess of Noh Masks” or “the Doll Princess.”
No wonder Raymond-sama is attracted to Miranda-sama…. But…
“You’re jealous of my fondness for the kind-hearted and beautiful Miranda, and you’ve torn up Miranda’s school books, pushed her down the stairs, and committed other violent acts!”
“Excuse me?! Can I talk to you for a minute?”
Raymond-sama frowns and stares at me.
“You’re breaking off your engagement with me? It was done yesterday, didn’t you know?!”
At my words, Raymond-sama and Miranda-sama looked at each other in shock.