You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 2

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“Your Lying! Lies! Lies!! You made up the whole story about the duke’s debts and my father getting down on his knees to the Marquis Filta!”

Raymond-sama started shouting. —It’s Raymond-sama’s bad habit of shouting beyond comprehension.

“You say that the engagement was broken off because of my infidelity, but you have no proof, do you?! You are a ridiculous woman, jealous of Miranda, stalking her and then falsely accusing me of infidelity!”

How can you say such a thing when you have your hands around Miranda-sama’s waist, the proof of your infidelity, and you both came to school in the same school uniform as yesterday?

“No, we have proof that Raymond-sama committed adultery—because Her Majesty lent us her shadows.”


Raymond-sama’s shoulders trembled when he heard the word “shadow”.

“That’s a lie! How can the royal family lend their shadows so easily?”

“Yes, that’s right. As I mentioned earlier, my mother has been close friends with Her Majesty the Queen since their school days, and since I am personally favored by Her Majesty the Queen, she kindly lent me one.”

Raymond-sama was horrified when I told him with a smile.

“The shadows were excellent and quickly gathered evidence of Raymond-sama’s infidelity. They also found evidence of Raymond-sama’s other wrongdoings.”

At my words, Raymond-sama and Miranda-sama’s faces turned pale.

Raymond-sama’s body trembles little by little. They seemed to know what I was talking about.

“The day Raymond-sama canceled a date with me because [my mother was sick], the day he canceled his appointment at an evening party because he [sprained my leg], the day he canceled a dinner with my father that was planned a month in advance because [something urgent came up], —all those days with the same woman. We know Raymond-sama spent the night at the inn.”

That woman is Miranda-sama.

“You never gave me a gift for my birthday, but for your own birthday, you said, [Give me the finest goods!!] You didn’t like the fountain pen I gave you, so you broke into my room and took my amethyst earrings. “

Shadows watched Raymond-sama steal the amethyst earrings.

The earrings disappeared right after Raymond-sama attended the Filta family dinner party.

It was a rare occasion for Raymond-sama to attend my family’s dinner party, but it turned out that he just wanted to steal my earrings.

The earrings were a souvenir from my father’s business trip to a neighboring country.

“Eh, those earrings were stolen!?”

“You idiot! Don’t say unnecessary things!”

Raymond-sama interrupts Miranda-sama’s words.

Giving stolen things to one’s lover is rotten to the core, isn’t it?

“What I do with what belongs to my fiance’s house is my business!”

That’s a very logical argument. But, even a fiancée is a stranger before marriage. —If you steal from her house, you are a thief.

“But that’s not all. He damaged my desk with a knife after school, tore up my textbooks and notebooks, put insects in my lunch, threw my bag in the pond, called me names when no one was looking, and hurt my self-esteem.”

The cafeteria was abuzz. I guess everyone did not know that Raymond-sama was such a despicable person.

Her Majesty the Queen’s shadow witnessed Raymond’s infidelities, destruction of property, theft, abuse, and a number of other harassing acts.

Damage to property and theft are criminal offenses.

“Bullsh*t…! I-I didn’t do that…!”

No, I just told you there was a witness. What were you listening to? Are you stupid?

“The Shadow saw everything. You won’t get away with it.”

“Damn it!”

Raymond-sama raised his eyebrows and bit his lip.

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