You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 11

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When I was engaged to Raymond-sama, Lovisa-sama invited me to a tea party. My experiences were painful.

Once, she gave me the wrong time on purpose, and when I was late, she asked me, [Can’t the Marquise of Filta keep time? I guess a girl from a lower family isn’t any good.] For several hours, they made me stand next to them on the sofa and told me about my shortcomings and the bad things about the Marquise of Filta.

One time, she gave me an old dress and forced me to wear it to a tea party. When she saw me wearing the old dress, she said, [I wonder if the Marquise can afford a dress!] and laughed at me.

I never had a good impression of Lovisa-sama and her three cronies.

“You’re wearing such a gorgeous dress, the current fashion robe à la française, with brilliant cut diamonds as accessories… It looks like you’re living a life of elegance on the alimony you’ve collected from the Dukes. “

“No, this dress is…”

“Shut up!”

I was about to say that it was a gift from the queen, but Lovisa-sama interrupted me.

“Raymond has betrothed you, a lowly marquise, because you fell in love with my son at first sight! Your family borrowed a shadow from the Queen, bribed the shadow, maliciously broke Raymond’s engagement, and demanded high compensation from the Dukes of Jaeger! You put Raymond in a bad light by demanding a large alimony payment! That’s not fair! I can’t believe you’re living off the money you took from the Duke of Jaeger’s family! What a shameless girl!”

Lovisa-sama raises her eyebrows and spits at me.

“If he hadn’t gotten engaged to you, Raymond could have gotten engaged to someone of a higher rank! We made the daughter of a lowly marquess the fiancée of my son, and this is what we got! You’re the demon who ruined the Duke of Jaeger! The devil who made Raymond unhappy! And Her Majesty is also incompetent to believe it! “

“That’s right, Her Majesty is a wretch for only believing Alicia’s words! You’re the one who’s having an affair! You B*tch!”

“You’re a sl*t to any man! You brought shame to Raymond-sama! And Her Majesty the Queen is too blind to trust a woman like you!”

“I wish you were dead! I can’t forgive Her Majesty for taking your side!”

In a stupor, I was listening to the abuse of the four of them.

Lovisa-sama is no longer the mother of my former fiancée or the wife of the Duke of Jaeger.

She is now the daughter of a renegade count. She is lower in rank than I am, the daughter of a marquis.

And Lovisa-sama’s friends are only a viscountess and a baroness.

Are these people insane, oblivious to the fact that their status is lower than mine, and pushing and abusing me?

What concerns me more than that is the outburst against Her Majesty the Queen. They desecrated Her Majesty at a royal party.

They call the evidence gathered by Her Majesty’s shadow a fabrication, and they call the breaking of the engagement that was agreed upon in Her Majesty’s presence unjust.

They also referred to Her Majesty the Queen as “incompetent,” “wretch,” “blind,” and “unforgivable.”

Are these people really out of their minds? Blasphemy against royalty cannot be tolerated beyond a scolding. Not only you, but your family will be punished.

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