You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 6

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When Raymond returned home, he found the Duke assessing the furniture and furnishings.

When Duke Jaeger saw Raymond, he hit him with his cane without question or answer.

“Please stop!”

Raymond shouted at him to stop, but Duke Jaeger hit him again and again.

“The Dukes of Jarger’s disgrace! Shame on you! You ended the Duke’s family! The Marquises of Filta, the Dukes of Shutia, cut us off because of you! If you break off the relationship with these two families in this country, you can’t do business anymore!”

The angry Duke Jaeger had his maid bring in a plate of scraps of food and hang them over Raymond’s head.

“They told me to pay back all the money I owe the Marquise of Filta! They also demanded a lot of alimony! And my wife left me with the divorce papers! She abandoned you and me!”

“You can’t be serious, Mother…!”

Raymond was shocked to find out that his mother had abandoned him.

“If you had obeyed my orders yesterday and come home straight after school, you wouldn’t have made Marquess Filta, her daughter, and the Queen so angry! —Three women! I could have told them off as much as I wanted! When things had cooled down, I could have asked the Marquise Filta to postpone the repayment of the debt! If all went well, I could have made Alicia your fiance again!”

But, no matter how nice Marquis Filta is, he will never allow Alice to reconnect with Raymond, who has hurt his daughter, and with the Duke of Jaeger, who has mocked them.

What Raymond did to Alicia was despicable and unforgivable.

And Duke Jaeger, who thinks he can get away with it by crying over it, is as naive as his son.

“And yet you stayed at the inn with your lover and played!”

The Duke of Jaeger punched Raymond in the face.

“It… It’s not my fault! If I had known there was going to be a meeting to end the engagement, I would have come home too! You didn’t make it clear to me, Father…!”

“You’re noisy!”

The Duke of Jaeger struck Raymond with a cane again without remorse.

Raymond had always considered the Marquises of Filta a lowly family. He believes that it was their good fortune that their daughter was able to marry into the Duke’s family.

And even if he had known that the dissolution of the engagement was under discussion, he would not have returned.

The Duke of Jaeger should have dragged Raymond home with a rope around his neck.

He knew Raymond was unfaithful, but he did not condemn Raymond’s actions.

When the Marquise family asked him to discuss the children’s engagement and possibly break it off, Duke Jaeger paid no attention.

There was no evidence that Raymond had been unfaithful, and he could get away with it. If the proof came, he could fall on his knees before Marquis Filta, who would forgive him if he cried to him, for he was a compassionate man.

He thought that Alicia and Raymond’s engagement would be maintained.

The massive amount of alimony demanded after the engagement was called off was the result of the father and son’s shallow and foolish thinking.

“The only way to pay for the debt and compensation is to sell most of the estate and properties.”

After a failed business venture that had left them in massive debt, the Marquises of Filta and the Dukes of Shutia cut a deal and demanded a lump-sum repayment of their debts.

They also demanded that Duke Jaeger pay for his son’s infidelity, harassment, and property damage, which put him in a predicament.

The duke was left with no choice but to sell his house, household goods, and estates to make money.

“I will buy a house in the countryside with the money I have left and live a quiet life.”

“Then I’ll make preparations…”

“You are stupid?! I don’t need a god of plague like you!”

Duke Jaeger kicked Raymond away.

“You will go to the neighboring kingdom of Skorupion and work as a miner until you die! I will take the money you earn as payment for the alimony I paid to the Marquises of Filta!”

“No way…!”

“Look, don’t forget! The money for breaking off the engagement was only paid by me. You’ll pay me back by working in the mines!”

“That’s too much, Father!”

Raymond despaired at his father’s words.

“You take him away!”

“””Yes, sir.”””

Raymond is surrounded by a group of unsavory people.

“What kind of person do you think you are?! Let go! Where are you going to take me!!?”

Raymond was bound and gagged by a scruffy man and roughly placed in a carriage.

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  1. DCRangeRange Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Wow. I thought the son was bad but his dad is worse.

    1. blackphoenixsuzaku Avatar

      It was already known that as shown that he took advantage of the Father’s gullible personality by bowing all the time.

  2. I realize again and again how dumb Duke Jaeger is. No wonder he failed in his business! He honestly could’ve gotten more money anywhere else than sending Raymond to the mines. He could’ve sent him to a brothel or some other shady place where the main consumers are nobles. Raymond will die in 3 months at most in the mines. And mines don’t pay well. It’s such a loss!

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