You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 3 – Chapter 4

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“It’s cowardly of you to talk to the Queen! If you had told my father or me, I would have changed my attitude!!”

“Before I told the Queen, I also told Duke Jaeger that Raymond-sama was cheating on me, that Raymond-sama was verbally abusing me, and that Raymond-sama was harassing me behind everyone’s back.”

But Duke Jaeger said, [Let it go. Raymond is just being mean to the girl he likes.], [It’s a youthful indiscretion, he’ll settle down when he gets married.] or [Raymond cheated on his fiancée? I feel sorry for Raymond. It’s not fair to accuse him of cheating just because he spent some time with a girl from school.]

I was thinking of how he bowed his head and said, [Please make your daughter my son’s fiance!] But when that settled, he turned salty and abandoned his son’s education.

The Marquises of Filta was treated like a fool.

“I have told Raymond-sama repeatedly to change his behavior. But each time he told me, [ You’re just a marquis’s daughter! Be careful what you say!] And all you did was yell at me!”


So I talked to my mother. I knew that even if I talked to my father, he would be defeated by Duke Jaeger’s tearful words.

My father is not a bad person, and he has a talent for business, but his weakness is that he is weak at people shedding tears.

Duke Jaeger, who can slide down on his knees anytime and anywhere, is quite good at it.

“So my mother consulted Her Majesty the Queen and borrowed her shadow to gather evidence of Raymond-sama’s infidelity. The Queen was very angry when she heard about the deeds of Duke Jaeger and Raymond-sama, so she kindly lent the shadow to me.

Her Majesty said, [If you’re going to collect them, make sure you have enough evidence to crush them.]

“By the way, I would like to inform Raymond-sama that the Marquises of Filta and my mother’s family, the Dukes of Shutia, will not do business with the Dukes of Jaeger from now on.”

The Duke of Jaeger was not a government official and his only income came from taxes on his farmland and his business.

It has been a long time since the Duke has had good harvests on his land. Without the help of the Marquise of Filta, the Duke’s business would be nearly impossible to run.

If the Marquises of Filta and the Dukes of Shutia could no longer do business with the Dukes of Jaeger, they would go bankrupt.

“The loan made by the Marquises of Filta to the Dukes of Jaeger must be repaid promptly. The debt is due in one month.

If they sell their territory and mansion, they’ll be able to afford to pay for it.

“In addition, I have already filed charges against Raymond-sama for harassment, damage to property, and theft.”

At this very moment, Duke Jaeger is probably busy selling his household goods and properties.


Raymond-sama fell to his knees on the floor.


“And Baroness Miranda Rando.”

“What? Me!”

Miranda-sama looked at Raymond-sama, who was hanging his head.

She looks cool even though Raymond-sama is ruined. Did she think it was none of her business?

She must have thought that marrying Raymond-sama would bring her luxury, even though the Dukes of Jaeger only had debts.

She must have naively thought that if Raymond-sama went bankrupt, she could just drop another nobleman. But the reality is not so simple.

“We have also demanded compensation from Miranda-sama’s family, the Randos. And do you know why? For deliberately undermining my character by spreading false rumors about me bullying you, for tearing up my notebooks and textbooks with Raymond-sama, for pushing me into the pond when we were alone… For these things, we sued the baroness for damages.

Although it was a shallow pond, if it had been a deep pond, I would have drowned.

“That’s terrible! It’s a false accusation! You have no proof!”

I told you the shadows were following you… Do you have cotton instead of brains in your head, Miranda-sama?

“Of course, there’s proof—the shadows saw everything. From now on, the Marquises of Filta and my mother’s family, the Dukes of Shutia, will have no further dealings of any kind with the Barons of Rando in the future. “

“You can’t threaten me with that! Because the Barons of Rando don’t do business with your family! My family does business with the Dry Trading Company, a large trading company!”

“It’s a subsidiary of the trading company run by the Marquises of Filta.”

“You can’t be serious…!”

Miranda-sama’s face turned pale, and she covered her mouth with her hands.

You don’t know the parent company of a business association that your family deals with, do you? That’s quite a coincidence.

“They must have put the buildings and land owned by the Baron of Rando on the market by now. I suggest you go home!”

“Oh my God! I have to tell my father not to sell my things!”

Miranda-sama turned on her heel and left the cafeteria with a clatter.

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