You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 31

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My engagement to Rushard-sama was made official two months after we agreed to be engaged.

A year later, it was decided that the wedding of me and Rushard-sama would take place.

My father obeyed the Queen’s orders and did not tell anyone about my engagement until a formal announcement was made.

“If only the Marquis of Filta had told them about the engagement of Alicia and Rushard, we would have seen Alicia’s wedding dress earlier.”

Her Majesty the Queen expressed her regret. My father had a very complicated look on his face when he heard this.

Her Majesty is only willing to tell my father what can be leaked. 

My wedding to Rushard-sama was solemn and celebrated by relatives and friends.

“I love you, Alicia.”

“I love you too, Rushard-sama.”

We kissed and swore eternal love to each other


After the wedding, Rushard-sama married into the Marquises of Filta.

Prince Swain, the Crown Prince, has no children yet, so Rushard-sama’s claim to the throne remains valid as the second in line.

The son of Rushard-sama and I will also have the right of succession to the throne as the third in line.

About three months after the wedding, when we were enjoying our honeymoon, Her Majesty the Queen invited us to a tea party.

I am visiting the palace with Rushard-sama for the first time in three months.

At the tea party, the subject of the magic stone came up.

“I have always wondered if the magic stone has the function of recording and reading images.”

Her Majesty the Queen answered my simple question.

“For about ten years, I have suspected that the magical stones in Skorupion would run out, so the Kingdom of Meister, the Kingdom of Gvol and the Kingdom of Baum have developed a new energy source to replace the magical stones.

Her Majesty sipped her tea and spoke in a relaxed tone.

“Energy to replace magical stones?”

“Yes, we’re borrowing the power of the magic stones now, but soon we’ll be able to activate it with only magic power without the magic stone.”

“Such a convenient thing!”

“Do you know what runes are?”

“Runes? You mean runes that were used thousands of years ago?”

Ancient civilizations are said to have received runes from the gods. Today, they are almost never used due to the loss of their archives.

Rushard replied.

“Yes, those runes. —I carved the runes of the word Anthru into the magic stone. I then recorded and replayed the video, so I could show it to my friends.

“That’s amazing!”

“Now I’m trying to cleanse well water and poisonous swamps by carving “runes of water rugs” on magic stones.”

“Cleansing poisoned swamps?”

“Yes, until now it took ten fist-sized magic stones to clean ten square meters of poisonous swamps, but from now on we only need one. In another five years, we will be able to cleanse it with runes alone.”

“That’s wonderful!”

The runes of the water rug must have had the magical power of [fertility and purification].

“The people of Skorupion should have developed energy that can be converted into magic stones, or they should have found a way to live modestly through fishing and forestry as in the old days. But after 30 years of idleness, people may not be able to return to their old way of life.”

Her Majesty the Queen stated.

“Underground resources can make a country rich, but they can also make it perish —a double-edged sword indeed.”

Rushard-sama affirmed the Queen’s words.

“The Kingdom of Meister must not become like the Kingdom of Skorupion.”

“You’re right, Alicia.”

Rushard-sama patted my belly gently. —In my belly is Rushard-sama’s child.

“Alicia, when the baby is born, we will have another tea party, you, me, and the grandchild.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Mother! Why am I not counted?!”

“You should devote yourself to territorial management, business management, and the study of rune letters. I will be responsible for Alicia and any children born to her.”

“You’re too much, Mother! Alicia, say something too!”

“Good luck with your work, Rushard-sama.”

“Alicia, you say the same thing as my mother!!”

“Fufufu, that was a joke, Rushard-sama. Come and have tea with us.”

“Arara, Alicia is sweet with Rushard, isn’t she?”

“He’s my dear husband.”

“Mother, Alicia is my wife, so please don’t monopolize her!”

“Fufufu, I know, I know.”

Our laughter echoes through the royal garden.

In the not-too-distant future, amongst this laughter, there will be the sound of me and Rushard-sama’s children laughing together.

Just the thought of it makes my face relax.


The Kingdom of Meister, the Kingdom of Gvol, and the Kingdom of Baum continued their study of rune magic, allowing them to use rune characters completely without a magic stone and develop under the protection of rune characters.

Alicia and Rushard lived happily ever after, blessed with three children.


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