You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 7

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I didn’t like Marquess Alicia Filta. She’s a woman, but she’s better at studying than I am, and she preaches to me when she’s just a lowly aristocrat.

She is beautiful, but she is always so complacent and uninteresting.

She is my fiancée, so she should let me have sex with her, but she won’t let me lay a finger on her.

Miranda was the daughter of Baron Rando, a woman of low status, but she knew her place and knew how to set up a man.

Miranda always said, [You’re awesome!] when I did something. and praised me for what I had done.

She was beautiful, charming, had big breasts, and was willing to let me have sex with her.

She was beautiful, and when I walked with her, I felt good because I was the envy of other men.

She was the perfect woman to be my lover.

But Miranda is not well educated, has no manners, and is of low status, so she cannot be my wife.

I came up with the idea of harassing Alicia. I’ll tell her to break off the engagement at the school.

I’ll turn Alicia, known for her good grades and good behavior, into a jealous b*tch who bullies Miranda.

I’ll flirt with Miranda in front of Alicia.

When despised, cursed, scorned, and shattered, even someone who does not have a facial expression like a Noh mask will change color.

I wanted to see Alicia clinging to me. [Please don’t break the engagement] with tears in her eyes.

Engagement is a family affair. You can’t just break it off by shouting at the school anyways.

This engagement came about because Alicia fell in love with me and the Marquis of Filta begged my father.

Even if I insult Alicia, a lesser marquis, she will not break off the engagement.

Because I am able to bring Alicia from a lowly family to the highest rank, second only to the royals—I can do what I want.

Even if I break off the engagement in front of everyone, even if I flirt with my lover, Alicia will have no choice but to cling to my legs and weep and beg for forgiveness.

What an exciting plan!

I’m going to make Alicia cry! So I said I’d break off my engagement at the school cafeteria…

But Alicia didn’t budge an eyebrow when she heard the words “break off the engagement.”

Then she said something that didn’t make sense.

Alicia and I are no longer engaged as of yesterday?

Has Her Majesty lent Alicia a shadow?

Did you gather evidence of my infidelity and other misdeeds?

Was Her Majesty present at the meeting where the engagement was called off?

Was my engagement to Alicia sealed when my father bowed to the Marquis of Filta in the first place?

Did the Jaeger estate have a bad harvest due to bad weather?

My father’s business failed, and now the Dukes of Jaeger owe a lot of money?

Instead of Alicia marrying into the Duke’s family, I’m going to marry into the Marquise’s family?

What the hell is this? I don’t know anything about that!

On the day of my meeting with Miranda, my father was talking about something, but I was too absorbed in looking at Miranda’s cleavage peeking through her dress to hear what he had to say.

Did the Marquises of Filta and the Dukes of Shitia force you to pay off your debts in unison?

Did they break off the engagement and demand a large sum of money for alimony?

Will you have to sell most of the Duke of Jaeger’s property to pay for it?

My mother abandoned me and my father, left the divorce papers and went back to her parents’ house?!

I’m going to a mine in a neighboring country?!!!

Will the money I earn disappear into the alimony my father paid to Alicia?

I didn’t hear you say that!!!

Please help me! Father!!

I don’t want to go to the mines!

Sorry Alicia! I’m sorry I did such a terrible thing!

I apologize, so please, I want my fiance back!!


As he rode in the carriage, a guilty conscience came over him.

Raymond was sent to a neighboring mine where he was forced to work in poor conditions and died of lung disease.

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  1. DCRangeRange says:

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Wow, he got exactly what he deserved. I’m torn between being glad that the story didn’t dwell on him for several chapters and wishing they would have drawn it out, lol.

  2. Khang Nguyen says:

    wow, so we have a Prince Sullivan ver 2.0 now!

  3. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! Glad he’s out of the story now.

  4. Seemanta says:

    Like I said, he died too easily! He should’ve lived longer to earn more money! But at least it’s a relief to know that though he’s a dumb a*shole, he has the brains to understand that he’s the one who’s wrong. It’s nice see him begging her.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  5. BloodCoveredAngel says:

    Well, that was fast.

  6. Seiffkin says:

    Yeah, of course he died.
    Thanks for the author for being merciless at this point.

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