You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 28

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“I studied in the Kingdom of Skorupion for two years, partly because I was shocked that Alicia was engaged to another man, but also because I wanted to do an investigation.”

“What do you want to investigate?”

“I was looking at the reserves of magic stones in the kingdom of Skorupion. The king of Skorupion states that they have enough reserves of magic stones, but the amount of magic stones exported each year has decreased, so I was curious.”

The main export of the Skorupion Kingdom is magic stone. A magic stone has the power to purify poisoned water. Their purpose ranges from purifying the well water for the common people to purifying the drinking water of the royal family.

During the reign of the previous king of Skorupion, he boasted the world’s largest export of magical stones and was very wealthy.

The country is so rich that there are no taxes to pay, no school fees, zero medical bills, all living expenses are paid by the government, and a house and a carriage are given for free as a wedding gift. —People began to live in idleness because they could buy slaves from other countries to do their work.

As a result, 10% of the people became government employees and the remaining 90% became unemployed freeloaders. The people of the Kingdom of Scorupion became the least hardworking people in the world.

“The results of the survey were as expected. The reserves of magic stones are running out. In a few years, they will run out of magic stones, and that country will be over.”

Hearing Rushard-sama’s words, the color of King Gyaron’s face changed. His blue face turned more pale and almost purple.

“It’s a bit shallow to think that someone would send Rushard to such a country and try to make them relatives.”

The Queen looks at King Gyaron and says coldly.

King Gyaron is the same type of person as my father, a man of good character, but fragile and weak at heart. He was probably asked by the King of Scorupion to send Prince Rushard to study in their country.

“The first princess of Skorupion, Emily, was a total b*tch.”

Emily-sama, the first princess, is eighteen years old, the same age as me and his Highness.

I guess the King of Skorupion wanted to marry Princess Emily to Rushard-sama, so he requested Rushard-sama to study in his country.

“Princess Emily has been very friendly to me since the beginning of my studies abroad. Even though she is not my fiancée or my lover, she inappropriately touched me.

Imagining this scene made me uncomfortable in my heart. This is jealousy, isn’t it?

“I knew their plan was to marry Emily, the first princess of the kingdom of Skorupion, to me, the second prince of the kingdom of Maester, and support their country when the magic stone runs out.”

“It’s a very obvious move. Even a child can see it.”

The queen glanced at King Gyaron, and he flinched like a mouse before a tiger.

No wonder the Queen is angry. —King Gyaron decided to send Rushard-sama to study in the Kingdom of Skorupion on his own. He didn’t know about the Skorupion Kingdom’s tricks.

“Because I knew what the enemy was up to, I ignored Princess Emily’s advances, and I always had my bodyguard by my side to avoid any strange misunderstandings, so I was never alone.”

I guess Princess Emily could not afford to be complacent in her engagement, as the fate of the country was at stake.”

“Perhaps Princess Emily was upset at not being taken seriously by me, and she went off to meet a handsome soldier. I wasn’t interested in her at all, so I didn’t take it personally, but Princess Emily seemed to have entered into a relationship with that soldier… Their relationship reached the point of no return.”

“Irredeemable… !”

“Princess Emily was pregnant with a soldier’s child.”

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