You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 24

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“That’s enough there, you two! Even if it’s a relationship between uncle and niece, you’re are still very close!”

My father had to cut off Uncle Coate’s and Uncle Ben’s hands, who were holding mine.

“Thank you for helping me, Father.”

“It’s only natural that I should help my beloved daughter. Sorry… I didn’t find out until it was too late.”

My father took my hand in his and looked at me with a sad face and a lowered eyebrow.

“I have not forgiven you yet, Marquis Filta. It’s only because you let the Duke of Jaeger’s tears get the better of you that you wed Alicia to Raymond, a man of such vile character.”

The Queen struck my father’s hand with a fan. Her Majesty’s eyes were as cold as ice as she looked at my father.

“I’m sorry, my shallow actions have brought this on…”

My father bowed his head to Her Majesty.

“On that point, I agree with Her Majesty, and I’m angry at this guy for accepting such trash like Raymond, whose only merit is his face to the lovely Alicia, who looks like an angel.”

“I’m also angry at my elder brother for choosing Alicia’s son-in-law from a scumbag family like the Dukes of Jaeger, whose only merit is their family background.”

My uncles, Coate and Ben, are glaring at my father. They are both radiating an unusually angry aura.

My father muttered, “I’m sorry.”—He bowed his head with a tearful look.

“Father, please dance the first dance with me.”

I felt sorry for my father, so I decided to help him escape from this place.

My father takes my hand and we start to dance.

“Thank you for saving me, Alicia.”

As I danced, my father said, his face full of relief.

“I have some thoughts about my engagement with Raymond, too.”

My father looked like he was going to cry again after a sigh of relief, because I was blaming him too.

“You are blaming me too!”

“Next time I will choose my fiancé, and if Father ignores my will and again chooses my fiancé without my permission, I will sever ties with the Marquises of Filta and be adopted by the Dukes of Shutia or the Dukes of Crepes.”

After breaking off the engagement, Uncle Coate and Uncle Ben have told me I should “leave my good-for-nothing father and come and adopt you into my family.”

My father’s face turns pale, as if he hadn’t expected to be cut off from me.

I don’t hate my father. But when I think of the engagement with the Dukes of Jaeger and the psychological pain I went through…

Raymond-sama is a cheating, lazy, ill-mannered, money-grubbing scum.

Lovisa-sama, Raymond-sama’s mother, is a wicked and crooked woman who believes only what is pleasing to her and attacks me with sarcasm. On top of that, she is stupid and has no sense of etiquette.

Raymond’s father, Duke Jaeger, has gone down on his knees to arrange the engagement of Raymond and me. He has been given a lot of money by the Marquise of Filta. When I say that Raymond and Lovisa-sama have treated me badly, he doesn’t pay attention to what I say. He’s a spoiled as*hole who thinks he can get away with anything if he gets down on his knees.

I shudder to think that I was about to become a family member of such people.

“Alicia will be adopted by the Dukes of Shutia or Crepes…?! You’re kidding me!!”

My father gives me a clingy look. I’m not going to bond with him if he looks at me like that.

“No, it’s true. The next time you get me engaged to someone else without my permission, I’ll leave the Marquises of Filta.”

An invisible one-ton rock fell on my father’s head. [A blow to the heart, 10,000 damage to the mentality] —His blue face had turned completely white.

“Okay… I won’t do anything selfish again. I promise.”

My father nodded weakly.

After the dance with my father, I danced with my uncle Coate and then with my uncle Ben.

They told me, “If at any point you want to disown your father, tell me.” —Uncle Coate 

“If any nobleman is disrespectful to you, you must report it immediately—Uncle Ben.”

They’re both too overprotective of me. But it is true that they are more reliable than my father.

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