You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 14

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“I can’t ignore the insults against me, but also, I’m curious that you said they said they’d spread a terrible rumor about Alicia. Tell me more about it.”

“That Alicia-sama will sleep with anyone and a b*tch.”

“Oh, my God.”

Her Majesty’s complexion changes and seems to have touched the wrath of the gentle Queen.

“I guarantee that Alicia is a clean and faithful person. Countess Sachs, Viscount Thoma, Viscount Koch, Baroness Weil, do you have any objections?!”

Countess Sachs and her three cronies shook their heads with bloodless faces as Her Majesty the Queen glared at them.

“I would like to inform everyone in the hall that I guarantee Alicia Filta’s character and purity. Anyone who has any objections may raise them here and now.”

The room fell silent.

No noble wants to defy her majesty and be noticed by the royal family.

“Let us correct Countess Sachs’ arguments in turn. Everyone in the audience must listen carefully.”

The ladies and gentlemen in the audience nod silently.

“First of all, a shadow serving the royal family cannot be bought. If you have any objections, please express them right now.”

Lovisa-sama and her three cronies did not speak. How could they say that the shadows had been bought in front of Her Majesty the Queen?

“Next, I will explain the engagement of Raymond, the legitimate son of the Dukes of Jaeger, to Alicia, the eldest daughter of the Marquises of Filta.

 In the year of the bad harvest in the Duchy of Jaeger, the Duke of Jaeger failed to manage his business and was heavily in debt.

 The Duchy of Jaeger is now bankrupt, and Duke Jaeger asks Alicia’s father, the Marquis of Filta, for help.

 On the condition of the engagement, Duke Jaeger goes down on his knees before Marquis Filta and declares that he would marry Raymond to Marquis Filta as his son-in-law and give him a loan.

 And the loan from the Marquise of Filta helped the Dukes of Jaeger to get back on their feet.”

Lovisa-sama and three of her cronies blurted out, “No way…!”

“The Marquise of Filta is not a good match for the Duke of Jaeger…Being a man of weak feelings, he was persuaded by the Duke of Jaeger to marry his only daughter Alicia to Raymond.

 Alicia fell in love with Raymond at first sight and cried to the Marquis of Filta, who then begged the Duke of Jaeger to marry her to Raymond?

 I wonder if Duke Jaeger was the one who told his wife or son about this.”

Lovisa-sama is stunned and trembling. It seems that Her Majesty has confronted her with the truth and she is ready to accept the reality.

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