You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 1

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“Alicia Filta I’m breaking off my engagement with you!”

The voices of classmates echo through the lunch cafeteria.

Most of the seats in the cafeteria are taken, and Raymond-sama’s voice draws the attention of everyone.

Raymond-sama is the eldest son of Duke Jaeger, a handsome man with chestnut hair and brown eyes.

There was Miranda-sama in Raymond-sama’s arm, and she had her own arm around Raymond-sama’s arm.

Miranda-sama is the daughter of Baron Rando, a sheltered and beautiful girl with pink fluffy hair, red eyes, a slim but vivacious figure, and a lovely smile that changes at every turn.

On the other hand, I have silver hair and purple eyes, and my facial expression is not so expressive, so I am called “Princess of Noh Masks” or “the Doll Princess”.

Miranda knows how to talk and behave in a way that makes men fall in love with her, and many boys are crazy about her. Raymond-sama seems to be crazy about Miranda-sama, too.

“You are jealous of my fondness for the kind-hearted and beautiful Miranda, and you tore up Miranda’s school books, pushed her down the stairs, and committed other violent acts!”

“Excuse me?! May I have a word with you?”

I’m sorry to interrupt your pleasantries, but I’m busy and don’t have time for this farce.

If I take it easy, the cafeteria will be filled and I still haven’t ordered anything. I have to prepare for this afternoon’s geometry lesson, and I want to talk to my friends about the new boutique later.


Raymond-sama wrinkles his brow and glares at me. He seemed annoyed that I interrupted him.

“You’re breaking off your engagement with me? It was done yesterday, didn’t you know?!”

In my words, Raymond-sama and Miranda-sama looked at each other and were shocked.

That’s right, it was stupid of you to call it quits in front of everyone, but the engagement had already ended.

“I meant exactly what I said—the proof of Raymond-sama’s infidelity was presented to Duke Jaeger in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen, and yesterday my engagement to Raymond-sama was officially broken off.”

Didn’t he know?

When I looked at Raymond-sama’s clothes, I found a stain on his shirt in the same place as the gravy stain he had on his shirt at lunch yesterday.

Miranda-sama also still has the gravy stain on her sleeve. They both seem to be wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

It is possible that neither of them went home yesterday.

I won’t go into why they didn’t.

“Wha…! What is the proof of infidelity? And why does Her Majesty interfere in the engagement between the Dukes of Jaeger and the Marquises of Filta!?”

Raymond-sama is a single-minded person, isn’t he?

“Because my mother and the Queen are best friends.”

“Don’t bluff me! How can the Queen be best friends with a Marquise?!”

Raymond-sama snickers.

“My mother’s family are the Dukes of Shutia. My mother went to the royal palace when she was a child and went to study groups and tea parties with the Queen.

“You mean to tell me that your mother is from the Dukes of Shutia?!”

Raymond-sama’s face turns blue.

The Dukes of Shutia have a larger estate than the Dukes of Jaeger, and they have more money and power.

The current Duke of Shutia is the Prime Minister, while the Duke of Jaeger has his hands full governing his lands and running his business and holds no office.

There is a world of difference between the two dukes.

How do you not know the family of your fiancée’s mother?

Raymond-sama also looked down on my mother. In front of me, he made fun of her by saying, “The dukes are higher than the marquises!” But when it came to the Duke of Shutia, he was a bit like a cat.

“In addition, the second prince, Rushard-sama, and I studied side by side under the same tutor when we were children.”

At that time, Her Majesty the Queen invited me to tea parties many times. The Queen is a very nice person, and she likes me very much.

After Rushard-sama went to study in a neighboring country, she did not invite me to tea anymore.

My mother and Her Majesty the Queen are still good friends, and my mother is often invited to the tea parties hosted by Her Majesty the Queen.

“My maternal cousin is married to a prince of the Kingdom of Balm, and my paternal cousin is married to a royal family of the Kingdom of Kvor.”

Raymond-sama can be heard gasping.

Raymond-sama didn’t know anything about it. Not knowing about his fiancée and her relatives is a bit of a problem. Well, not that it’s any of my business since he’s an ex-fiancé.

“It was Duke Jaeger who proposed the engagement to the Marquise of Filta, who has strong connections to these families and to other countries.”

“That can’t be true! My father is a duke! He would never make an offer to a lower-ranked marquis!”

Raymond-sama thought that I had fallen in love with him at first sight and that my father had asked Duke Jaeger to make this engagement happen.

No matter how many times I told him otherwise, Raymond-sama did not understand.

“It was in the year of bad weather and poor harvest on the estates of the Dukedom of Jaeger that the Duke of Jaeger begged for his son, Raymond-sama, to become my fiancee. —He needed help because he was heavily in debt due to the failure of his business.”

“The Duke’s estate had a bad harvest? Father’s company failed?! Massive debts?!”

I’m sure this was explained to Raymond-sama and the Dukes of Jaeger family when we got engaged.

“Raymond-sama believed I was going to marry the Duke of Jaeger, but that’s also wrong. — It’s the other way around”


Raymond-sama’s eyes widened.


[ Alicia is the heiress to the Marquise of Filta, so she can’t get married into someone’s family! ]

My father refused at first.

The Duke of Jaeger kneeled down in front of my father.

[ If a child is born between the two, that child will be your heir. If two or more children are born, we will adopt them! ]

The engagement with Duke Jaeger, who was in debt, was not good for the Marquises of Filta. My father, who was weak, was overcome by Duke Jaeger’s tears, and the engagement between Raymond-sama and me was made official.

My father then lent the Duke of Jaeger money without interest and without collateral.

Even though Raymond-sama and I are engaged, my father’s good-naturedness is appalling.

“This is what happened: “The Duke of Jaeger came down on his knees in front of my father to seal the deal. Raymond-Sama’s infidelity ruined it.”

Raymond-sama looked pale and his mouth was gaping open.

It seems that Raymond-sama did not know that the Duke’s estate had been suffering from bad harvests, that his family’s business was not doing well, or that he would be adopted as the son-in-law of the Marquises of Filta.

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