You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 9

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Miranda’s father, Baron Rando, was furious that his dealings with the Marquises of Filta and the Dukes of Shutia had ceased.

He was also shown evidence that Miranda had hurt Alicia and demanded a lot of money in compensation for what she had done to her.

The amount of money the Marquises of Filta were demanding was so large that it could not be paid even if the property of Baron Rando was disposed of.

Therefore, the baron packed his sack with gold and jewelry from the house and fled on horseback.

The servants, seeing their master fleeing in the night, realized that the household was no more and left the house, taking with them vases, pictures, dishes, and other things that might be worth money.

When Miranda returned home and tried to enter the house, the gate was tightly closed.

In front of the mansion, there were several ugly men waiting for Miranda.

One of the men restrained Miranda and tied her hands behind her back.

“What the hell are you doing! I am a baroness! Let go of me!”

Miranda screams, and one of the men thrusts a document at her. Miranda reads the document and is mortified.

“It’s a lie… I can’t believe my father would sell me…”

It was a document that Baron Rando, Miranda’s father, sold her to a brothel.

Baron Rando didn’t like Miranda because she made the Marquis’s daughter angry and kicked his business out of the trading company that the Marquises run.

First of all, it was Baron Rando who incited Miranda. [Go to the academy and seduce some rich guy’s son, no matter if he has a fiancée or not!]—And he hated the girl who obeyed him and sold her to a brothel.

Miranda tried to escape from the men, but they beat her, tied her with a rope, and threw her into a carriage.

In the carriage to the brothel,

“I was supposed to seduce Raymond-sama, the duke, marry him, and live in luxury… How did this happen?!”

Miranda muttered to herself and shed tears.

“Fufufu… I see. This is a dream, right? Come and help me, Raymond-sama… hahahaha!.”

Miranda tried to protect herself by escaping to the dream world.

People around her were creeped out by her mumbling nonsense, even when she was sold to a brothel.


Still, as a young woman and partly because she was a former aristocrat, she had her share of customers,

However, as she aged and her appearance deteriorated, she lost customers, and her employer, unable to afford an older woman, dumped her naked in a garbage dump.

Meanwhile, Baron Rando, who ran away in the night and encountered bandits on his way through the forest, was stripped of his clothes and sold as a slave to a neighboring country.


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  1. Vorloru says:

    Jesus, these last couple of chapters were kinda dark.

  2. BloodCoveredAngel says:

    Yay I was hoping she would end up in a brothel, but her dad deserved worse.

  3. Seiffkin says:

    Oh, someone got that ending after all.
    The author is into a streak!
    Probably over now, though.

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