You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 29

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“Princess Emily was pregnant with a soldier’s child.”

“Oh, my God…!”

How could a princess of a country make love to a man before marriage… and a commoner at that.

“The king and Princess Emily said, [I want to announce Emily’s baby as yours and marry her!] and [Because Rushard-sama doesn’t care for Emily, she is lonely and has run away to another man! So take responsibility!]— They pressed me to do so for an absurd reason! They are beyond brazen and shameless!”

Rushard-sama clenched his fist hard and pounded the table.

I too felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. How could she ask him to marry her and have her child be Rushard-sama’s child while she was having an affair with another man? How shameless they are!”

They have concluded favorable negotiations with other countries on the condition that they export magic stones, and they therefore assume that their views will be accepted. They are not aware that their country is in great trouble now that they have dug up all the magic stones.”

The Queen’s words were tinged with anger. Of course she is, they made a fool of Rushard-sama and the Maester royal family!

“Of course, I refused their demands, and now they’re threatening to spread rumors that I raped Princess Emily out of love for her, that they’ve already fabricated evidence, and that if I don’t comply with their demands, they’ll seek compensation from the Maester Kingdom.”

“What an unreasonable demand!”

I found myself slapping the desk and standing up.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

I catch everyone’s attention and sit back in a chair

“Don’t worry about it, Alicia. You have every right to be angry at them for making unreasonable demands.”

Her Majesty the Queen smiles calmly at me.

“Thank you, Alicia, for getting angry for my sake.”

Rushard-sama holds my hand.


Rushard-sama and I join hands and look at each other for a few seconds. I notice a penetrating look from my father and hastily pull my hand away.

“I recorded the words of the king and princess on a magic stone and broadcast them in time throughout the kingdom of Skorupion. By the time the guards came to the throne room in a panic, the conversation between the king and the princess had already been recorded. “

“That’s great. Rushard-sama, I’m so glad to hear that.”

“I am relieved to find out that the attempt by the king and princess of Skorupion has failed.”

“The king said that if it doesn’t work out with the first princess, then the second princess, Rosa… The second princess is only seven years old. She is a smaller version of the first princess, and her only talent is flirting with men. There was no good royalty in that country.”

She is only seven years old and flirts with men… Rushard-sama is right, there is no decent royalty in the kingdom of Skorupion.”

I reported what had happened in the Kingdom of Skorupion to my mother via the magic stone and rushed home.”

“I received the report from Rushard and informed the high nobles of what happened in Skorupion. I ordered those who were doing business in the Kingdom of Skorupion to leave the Kingdom of Skorupion as soon as possible. Among the nobles studying in the kingdom of Skorupion, I sent them home with him. —Conversely, only the incompetent nobles from our kingdom were left in the Kingdom of Skorupion.”

Incompetent nobles… You mean the barons of Sachs, Thoma, Koch, and Weil? They are former nobles since they have given up their titles.

It’s about time Rushard showed the people what he recorded on the magic stone and cut off diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Skorupion.

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