You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 19

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“Then I will finally judge you for your insults to me, the Queen. Before I do so, I would like to make sure that Count Sachs, Viscount Thoma, Viscount Koch, and Baron Weil step forward.”

Four men took a few steps forward in obedience to Her Majesty’s orders. Count Sachs is Lovisa-sama’s biological brother.

“I ask you four, where were you when the four ladies were talking about pushing Alicia, abusing Alicia, tearing Alicia’s dress and taking her jewelry?!”

The heads of the families look at each other. They seem to be pondering something.

Count Sachs: “I was out getting a drink at the time. I don’t know what my sister did to the Marquess of Filta”

Viscount Thoma: “I was on the terrace, so I do not know what happened in the hall.”

Viscount Koch: “I was in the corridor. I only found out about what my wife had done to Miss Alicia after Her Majesty the Queen had entered the hall.”

Baron Weil: “I was talking to an acquaintance by the wall, so I was not aware of my wife’s movements.

“Are you four telling the truth?!”


All four men answered in unison.

“Then report to me, Shadow.”

A man in jousting gear walked up to Her Majesty.

“Yes, Your Majesty, Count Sachs, Viscount Thoma, Viscount Koch, and Baron Weil were with the four ladies when it happened.”


The four men gasped. They had no idea that they were being watched by shadows.

“The four of them were within hearing of the conversation and watched with amusement as Countess Sachs pushed Alicia-sama, and Countess Sachs, Viscountess Thoma, Viscountess Koch, and Baroness Weil cursed Alicia-sama and made insulting remarks about Her Majesty the Queen.”

The faces of Count Sachs, Viscount Thoma, Viscount Koch, and Baron Weil all turned pale at once.

“They knew that the sister and the wives were abusing the daughter of the Marquise and insulting me, the Queen, but they didn’t stop them and laughed?! This is a serious situation.

“Your Majesty, that’s…!”

“I don’t allow you to speak, Count Sachs!”

Her Majesty’s eyes were fixed on him, and Count Sachs kept his mouth shut.

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