You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 30

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“May I make a statement, Your Majesty!”

My father raised his hand.

“Granted, Marquis Filta.”

“You mention high nobility. With all due respect, I didn’t know about this until now.”

“I have informed Marquess Filta. The Marquises of Filta’s merchants have long since left the Kingdom of Skorupion.”

“You told my wife and not me?!”

My father’s face said he was not convinced.

“Marquis Filta, you are a good man, but you have a light tongue.”

Her Majesty’s words shut my father’s mouth and turned his head.

“I will also personally announce the engagement between Rushard and Alicia. Marquis Filta, I asked you to keep your mouth shut and not let the world know.

“…Yes, Your Majesty.”

It’s only been a month since I broke off my engagement to Raymond-sama. It’s not good manners to enter into an engagement with another nobleman so soon.

But if Her Majesty really didn’t want everyone to know, she would have invited my mother here instead of my father.

Perhaps the queen thinks it’s acceptable to start a rumor about my engagement to Rushard-sama.

“I was not informed about it either…”

King Gyaron timidly raises his hand.

“You are so ignorant, thoughtless, and good-natured that you made an agreement to send Rushard to study in the kingdom of Skorupion without telling me, and you thought I would tell you something important!”.

Her Majesty cast deathly cold eyes on King Gyaron. The king then trembled and looked down with a tearful face.

Both my father and His Highness Gyaron are good-natured, but that’s all there is to them. They are gullible and loose-tongued. Royalty and high nobility do not consist only of good-natured people.


That afternoon, it was announced that the reserves of magical stones in the kingdom of Skorupion were running out and would run out in a few more years.

A record of the King and Princess Emily threatened by Rushard-sama saying, “Be the father of the child between Princess Emily and the soldier, or else spread the rumor that Princess Emily was raped by Prince Rushard.” was played through a magical stone.

There will be no more talks between the Kingdom of Meister and the Kingdom of Skorupion.

The royalty involved, Rushard-sama, was insulted. The breakdown of diplomatic relations was a foregone conclusion.

In this case, there is little point in having diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Skorupion now that it can no longer get magic stones. Since the merchants have already left, there was not much opposition from anyone.


Some years later, after all the magic stones had been dug up, the Kingdom of Scorupion had become so poor that the King of Scorupion asked the Kingdom of the Maesters for a loan.

Her Majesty the Queen refused.

How can you ask for help from the Meister Kingdom after insulting Rushard-sama so much? Does the king of Skorupion have no pride?

The only people left in the kingdom of Scorupion were the kings and aristocrats who were wealthy and had made a habit of spending money like water, and the people who had become accustomed to working as slaves and living a complacent life.

After 30 years of idle life, the people of the Kingdom of Skorupion could not return to their former life of poverty and diligent work in the forestry and fishing industries.

When it became impossible to obtain magic stones, the company ceased its activities.

The people of Skorupion fell from the most livable country in the world to the most unlivable country in the world in one fell swoop.

Former Barons Sachs, Thoma, Koch, and Weil, who came to the Kingdom of Skorupion, are no longer in a position to make a name for themselves.

—They died in the impoverished kingdom of Skorupion in a quarrel over a slice of bread.


The people of the kingdom of Skorupion did not want to work after the magic stone was used up, and they thought about how they could live comfortably again.

They concluded that if there was no wealth, they should take from others, and so the Kingdom of Scorupion brought ruffians from other countries to wage war against the Kingdom of Meister.

The Kingdom of Meister formed an alliance with the Kingdom of Gvol and the Kingdom of Baom.

A group of ruffians and loafers could never defeat the combined forces of the Kingdom of Master and the Kingdoms of Gvor and Baom, and victory was decided on a single day.

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