You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 5

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Raymond-sama, left alone, flutters to his feet.

I send words to Raymond-sama, who walks away without a sound.

“If the two of you had been present at the meeting yesterday to discuss the dissolution of the engagement and if you had sincerely apologized to me, then the alimony amount could have been reduced.”

Raymond-sama turns around and looks at me with a sullen look in his eyes.

“…I didn’t know there would be a place for such discussion.”

“You didn’t? Duke Jaeger told us that [I told him to go straight home after school!!]”

We told the Duke of Jaeger ahead of time that we wanted to talk about canceling the engagement with Raymond-sama, and he agreed to meet us.


Raymond-sama paused and looked away.

You ignored Duke Jaeger’s request and didn’t go home, didn’t you?

Duke Jaeger should have picked up Raymond-sama at the school and forced him to come home.

Duke Jaeger must have thought that he could get away with anything, that there was no proof of Raymond-sama’s infidelity, even if I made allegations about it.

And when confronted with the evidence in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen, Duke Jaeger’s face turned pale for the first time.

“The Duke of Jaeger was shouting disgracefully, [I will call my son! From now on, I will discipline Raymond from now on and make him apologize to Miss Alicia, tell him to take good care of her, and I will not let him cheat on her again!] He was yelling in a miserable way.”

Who in the world could really be talking like this at this point in time?

The Duke ignored my reports, disrespected me and the Marquises of Filta, and when he was cornered, he went down on his knees and verbally apologized.

He believes that if he gets on his knees, he will be forgiven.

When Duke Jaeger went down on his knees, neither my mother nor I, nor Her Majesty the Queen, were moved.

My father was not allowed to attend the discussion about breaking off the engagement. My mother decided that my father was not the right person to break off the engagement.

“The Duke of Jaeger was making so much noise that the Queen ordered the guards to call Raymond-sama, who was having fun with Miranda-sama at the inn. My mother and Her Majesty The Queen was furious when they heard the news, and the Duke of Jaeger turned pale.”

I am used to Raymond-sama’s affairs and thought it would happen again, but not my mother and Her Majesty the Queen—they were furious.

“That’s when my mother decided not only to break off the engagement, but also to have no further business with the Dukes of Jaeger.”

If he had obeyed Duke Jaeger’s words and gone home and bowed lightly, they would have only had to pay a small compensation.

But if he were having fun at the inn with his lover, he would get what he deserved.

Raymond-sama glared at me and turned his heel, perhaps because he didn’t have the power to argue anymore.

The students in the dining room gave Raymond-sama a cold stare. They giggled, whispered curses, and some shouted abuse at Raymond-sama.

Raymond-sama is still in the cafeteria as he slowly walks by, and they are all relentless.

Raymond-sama was very hard on those who were lower in rank than him, especially the nobleman who shouted abuse at Raymond-sama, so he must have had a grudge against him.

I waited until Raymond-sama was completely out of sight, then I bowed to the people in the cafeteria .

“I apologized to all the diners for making them feel uncomfortable. As an apology, I will treat you all to lunch today.”

The students in the cafeteria cheered.

Few of those who cheered seemed to be the teachers… Ara? Is it my imagination?

Students lined up at the counter to order refills and extras.

If you want to eat at the cafeteria, you can order food that is cheap to very expensive, but students of lower class and commoners can’t order them.

They may want to take this opportunity to eat.

This keeps the cafeteria cooks busy, and I should thank them for their hospitality later.

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