You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 25

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Finally, I danced with Rushard-sama. —It’s been three years since I last danced with Rushard-sama.

“I finally got to dance with you.”

Rushard-sama shone like a star, and his shy smile was so cute that my heart throbbed.

“Your father and uncles look at me as if I were a sore thumb.”

My father, Uncle Coate, and Uncle Ben are all staring at him with a fierce expression on their faces.

“They are tense because of what happened to Raymond-sama.”

“Raymond, that guy…! He seemed to care about Alicia, so I backed off, but I couldn’t believe he was treating Alicia badly…”

“Raymond-sama had a complex about Rushard-sama, so he must have felt good about having me, Rushard-sama’s childhood friend, as his fiancée.”

“Raymond had a complex about me?”

“Yes, the proof is that Raymond-sama appreciated me in your presence and despised me when you were not. After Rushard-sama went to study in the Kingdom of Scorupion, he would not even answer when I talked to him.”

“So that’s how it was! I won’t forgive Raymond! I should have hit him a hundred times!”

Rushard-sama distorts his beautiful face with anger.

“Please stop, Rushard-sama will only get his hands dirty.”

When Duke Jaeger leaves the royal capital during the night, Raymond-sama is sent to the mines, and Lovisa-sama is demoted to a commoner. Rushard-sama’s beautiful hands should not be stained with Raymond-sama’s blood.

“I am a fool not to have noticed Raymond’s tricks. Love is terrifying. —Jealousy haunts my vision and makes me blind.”

What has Rushard-sama been talking about, like “withdrawing” or “love”?

“…Next week, there will be a small tea party at the palace, and only my mother and myself will attend. I have something to announce. I hope you’ll join us.”

Did he find out anything about the Kingdom of Skorupion by any chance?

I’ve been curious about the situation there for some time.

The kingdom of Skorupion has become richer in the production of a magic stone that can purify even poisonous water. Has the amount of magic stone mined changed?

“Thank you for inviting me. I will definitely attend.”

“Thank goodness.”

Rushard-sama’s sapphire eyes narrowed and he smiled like a flower opening.

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