You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 10

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A month has passed since the engagement with the Dukes of Jaeger broke off.

After all that has happened, I am relieved to be rid of Raymond-sama and the Dukes of Jaeger.

Today I am attending a party organized by the royal family.

My mother could not come due to an emergency, so my father escorted me.

I am wearing a bright yellow sack-back gown (robe à la française), a gift from the Queen.

The ribbon-filled piece adds to the glamor of the dress, and the vato pleats that run down to my feet give me a cape-like appearance and make me look graceful while standing.

The dress is luxurious but not too flashy and is a refined design, showing Her Majesty’s good taste.

Participants at the party are glancing over here.

The bilgola sleeves with a laid-down collar and large bulging sleeves were in fashion not so long ago, and most people are still wearing such dresses.

Only a few of them wear French-style dresses, so I seem to stand out.

My necklace has a big sapphire in the middle surrounded by diamonds, and the earrings have three diamonds as well.

Brilliant cutting is a recently invented cutting method. Most of the nobility wear square table-cut jewels, and only royalty wears diamonds that are cut in a way that makes them sparkle.

My accessories and the fan in the same color as the dress are also gifts from Her Majesty the Queen.

I refused to accept so many expensive things at once, but the queen said, [There’s someone I’d like you to see today, and I want you to wear this as a favor to me.]

Who does Her Majesty want me to meet?

My father left me to go greet his business associates.

I was looking for the waiter to get me a drink when suddenly someone pushed me from behind and I fell to my knees.


I looked up and found myself surrounded by four ladies.

“Good day to you, Alicia.”

The one looking at me with devilish eyes was Lovisa Sachs-sama, former Duchess of Jaeger, now Countess of Sachs, and mother of Raymond.

“Duchess Jaeger… No, now Countess Sachs, perhaps.”

Lovisa-sama left the Duke of Jaeger and returned to her family home, the Countess of Sachs. So she can no longer be called Duchess Jaeger.

So I can call her Countess after she has returned, right? There is no other way to call her.

Next to Lovisa-sama were Viscountess Thomas, Viscountess Koch, and Baroness Weil.

All four of them caused me great pain during my engagement to Raymond-sama.

My father arranged my engagement to Raymond-sama at the request of Duke Jaeger.

Duke Jaeger’s purpose was to finance his business.

The fact that Raymond-sama was the son-in-law of the Filta family was a condition of the engagement proposed by his father.

This was explained to Lovisa-sama at the engagement meeting years ago, but Lovisa-sama did not seem to understand correctly.

In Lovisa-sama’s mind, I fell in love with Raymond-sama at first sight and begged my father to be Raymond-sama’s fiancé.

Raymond-sama was an only son, so there was no chance of him becoming the son-in-law in her mind, and she assumed that I, a low-ranking marquis, would be married into their household.

Both Lovisa-sama and Raymond-sama are the same in that they are so prejudiced that they do not understand the facts correctly. As expected, parents and children alike.

Each time I saw her, she would sarcastically say, “[With my son’s good looks, he would have been very popular if it had not been for his engagement to the daughter of a marquis. The dukes or even the royal family would have been a better match for Raymond, but your family had to beg my good-natured husband and force Raymond into an engagement. You have ruined Raymond’s future!]

Raymond-sama has a pretty face, but he is stupid, lazy, and has bad manners. How can such a person be engaged to a royal?

In the first place, I had not the slightest merit to be engaged to the debt-ridden Duke Jaeger’s stupid son, whose only merit was his face.

It was an engagement in which the Duke kneeled down and asked my father for an engagement.

Lovisa-sama and Raymond-sama, who did not understand it properly, and Duke Jaeger, who knew that his wife and son despised me and left it alone.

All three of them are assh*les.

The fact that I was engaged to Raymond-sama was a stain on my life.

The two years I was engaged to Raymond-sama were like throwing myself into the river. Even though Raymond-sama was the one who was unfaithful, I was treated like a damaged woman when I broke off the engagement.

My future was ruined, in my opinion.

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