You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 13

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People in the hall stop talking and look at Her Majesty the Queen. They aren’t too close or too far away from us, and they are watching what’s going on.

The distance shows that they do not want to get involved in anything unnecessary but want to know what is going on.

“Can you explain to me what is going on?”

Her Majesty the Queen speaks in a relaxed tone. Her tone is gentle but full of royal dignity.

A lady approaches Her Majesty and explains the situation. It’s probably one of Her Majesty’s shadows.

“Countess Sachs, Viscountess Thoma, Viscountess Koch and Baroness Weil pushed Alicia-sama from behind. Alicia-sama fell to her knees from the impact, and the four women I just named verbally abused Alicia-sama and were about to do something physical.”

A gasp could be heard from the audience at the lady’s words.

Everyone was shocked because lower class nobles were beating up an upper class noble and berating her in front of everyone in the banquet hall.

“I wonder what exactly they said about abusive language?!”

“They claim that Alicia-sama lied to Her Majesty the Queen. Her Majesty only believed Alicia-sama’s words and lent her a shadow. The shadow was bribed by the Marquise of Filta to fabricate evidence of the infidelity of Raymond-sama, the heir to the Dukes of Jaeger… that the Dukes of Jaeger are not convinced that they must pay a large sum of alimony.”

“So all four of them think that the shadow I lent was foolish enough to be bought and that they fabricated Raymond’s infidelity, is that it?”

Her Majesty the Queen looked at Lovisa-sama and her three cronies. All four women shuddered, and their shoulders shook.

“They also said this—In the first place, Alicia-sama fell in love with Raymond-sama at first sight, and the Marquis of Filta begged and cried out to the Duke of Jaeger, so they had no choice but to conclude this engagement.

“Ha! You’ve interpreted it to suit yourselves so well—what else did they say!”

“That Alicia-sama spends her alimony from the Duke of Jaeger on clothes and jewelry and lives in luxury. That Alicia-sama needs to be disciplined. And they are about to tear Alicia-sama’s dress and humiliate her… Before that, she said, [It doesn’t matter if I tear up the dress because she bought it with the alimony that she unjustly took from the Dukes of Jaeger, and I will get the accessories back because they were also bought with the alimony.]

The lady tells exactly what has just happened.

“They also said the following.—Her Majesty is also incompetent for believing!—Her Majesty is a wretch for only believing Alicia’s words!—Her Majesty the Queen is blind to trust a woman like her!—I can’t forgive Her Majesty for taking your side!”

“Well, that’s what they said.”

Lovisa-sama and her three cronies were shaking with white faces when it became known that they had spoken out against Her Majesty the Queen.

The audience roared. They had spoken ill of Her Majesty at a party hosted by the royal family and would not get away with it.


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You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?!

You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?!

「婚約破棄ですか? それなら昨日成立しましたよ、ご存知ありませんでしたか?」
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“Alicia Filta, I break my engagement with you!” said Raymond-sama, the son of the Duke of Jaeger. On Raymond-sama’s arm was Miranda-sama, the Baroness’ daughter. Miranda-sama was a pretty, sheltered girl with pink downy hair, big red eyes, and a petite stature. I, on the other hand, have silver hair and violet eyes, and my facial expression is not as expressive, which is why I am called the “Princess of Noh Masks” or “the Doll Princess.” No wonder Raymond-sama is attracted to Miranda-sama…. But… “You’re jealous of my fondness for the kind-hearted and beautiful Miranda, and you’ve torn up Miranda’s school books, pushed her down the stairs, and committed other violent acts!” “Excuse me?! Can I talk to you for a minute?” “What?” Raymond-sama frowns and stares at me. “You’re breaking off your engagement with me? It was done yesterday, didn’t you know?!” At my words, Raymond-sama and Miranda-sama looked at each other in shock.


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