You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 17

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Her Majesty the Queen looks at the audience.

“Marquis Filta, did you know that your daughter was going through this?”

The Queen looks at my father, who is standing diagonally behind her. He looked at Countess Sachs, Viscountess Thoma, Viscountess Koch, and Baroness Weil with a devilish look.

Next to my father were my mother’s brother, Duke Coate Shutia, and my father’s brother, Duke Ben Crepes, son-in-law of the Duke of Crepes and current head of the Duke of Crepes family.

“My daughter told me about Raymond’s deeds, but Raymond’s mother, the Duchess Jaeger… I did not know what Countess Sachs and her friends, Viscountess Thoma, Viscountess Koch, and Baroness Weil, had done.

We had all the evidence to support the breakup of the engagement, and I wish I had broken off my relationship with Raymond-sama peacefully.

So I did not tell my father that I was being bullied by Lovisa-sama and her cronies.


“Yes, I didn’t want to cause Father any more trouble, so I didn’t tell him about what Lovisa-sama, Viscountess Thoma, Viscountess Koch, and Baroness Weil had done to me.”

“Don’t be like water! We’re father and daughter! If you had told us, we would have kept those people away from Alicia!”

The father stares at Countess Sachs. The way my father looks at Countess Sachs and her cronies is like looking at a piece of garbage.

“Yes, I agree with him, Alicia. From now on, you can talk to me about anything.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Thank you for your concern.”

“What does Marquis Filta want to do with the four?”

Her Majesty the Queen asks my father

Does Her Majesty want to give my father the right to judge these four?

“I want to tear these four people who hurt my daughter to pieces!”

My father looks at them with murderous eyes. Their bodies trembled, and tears welled up in their eyes.

“But I leave it to the Queen to judge them legally. As head of the Marquises of Filta and chairman of the Ains Chamber of Commerce, I sanction them financially… The Marquises will not do any further business with the Counts of Saches, the Viscounts of Koch, the Viscounts of Thomas, and the Barons of Weil, or any of their relatives!

Upon hearing my father’s words, the relatives of the four families gasped.

Their families did not seem to think that the responsibility would extend to them.

The estate of the Marquises of Filta is vast and a major transportation hub. Any attempt to do business without passing through the Marquise’s territory would result in a long detour and a great loss of business.

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  1. Korraa says:

    It’s just *facepalm* at this point.

  2. Seiffkin says:

    Gosh… what are those nobles? How may they let their wifes/daughters or anything else blurt felony and think that it wouldn’t extend to them?

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