You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 21

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“We’ve wasted enough time on trivialities—now let’s get this party started.”

Her Majesty gives the signal, the musicians play elegant music, and the guests begin to dance.

The Barons of Sachs, Thoma, Koch, and Weil, lined up in a row in the corner of the hall, were met with curious looks, derision, and snide remarks from the guests. Some of them cursed loudly enough to be heard.

“Lovisa-sama has always been very playful with men and has been flirting with anyone and everyone.”

“The same goes for Baroness Koch, who has flirted with all handsome men, nobles and commoners alike.”

“What prudishness!”

“They say similar people attract each other.”

“I wonder if Raymond-sama was really the son of Duke Jaeger!”

“Not even Lovisa-sama knows whose son she has!”

“The Baroness Thoma has no sense of style. Is the dress you are wearing today an old one of your grandmother’s? It’s so out of date. “

“Shhh she can hear you.”

“I don’t care if she can hear me.”

“That’s right, it’s a public execution… It’s a parting gift to you all.”

“I heard Baron Koch pissed himself until he was 13.”

“That’s a shame. I hope you’re not still wetting the bed!”

“The Weil family is over. Maybe the baronet can serve as… well, it’s not even worth living.”

“Baron Sachs used to bribe teachers and get test questions in advance.”

“He’s a scumbag. I hope he dies!”

“You’re a disgrace to the royal family! I will never do business with your house again!”

“I’d rather die than suffer this kind of humiliation!”

“Come to my house when you become a commoner, and I’ll hold you instead of being a prostitute!”

“I have heard that there are brothels that pay good prices for married women and former nobles. I can tell you that!”

“There are also brothels that buy men—I’ll show you!”





Some of the insinuations were about their social behavior and how they ran their estate, as well as how they dressed, their grades, and their love lives when they were young. They also talked about a bed-wetting incident that happened when they were young.

The Barons of Sachs, Thoma, Koch, and Weil endured the ridicule in silence.

They were divided into those who stood there with exhausted faces, those with dead eyes, those who looked down with tears in their eyes, and those who stoutly stared at the people who were gossiping about them.

Most of the women were crying with their hands over their faces, but they were not forgiven for crying.

The second son of Baron Koch’s family tried to escape, saying, “I can’t stand this punishment!”

The other three families seized the second son of the barons of Koch and said, “If you run away, we will be expelled too!” and beat him to a pulp.

Her Majesty the Queen told them not to move even a finger or face banishment of nobility…

They’re desperate to stay in the nobility.

It seems that the only thing holding them together is their pride as nobles.

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  2. Korraa says:

    Dude, at this point what is your pride worth. Just let go of your title and become a commoner. You won’t have those same luxuries, but you can still live happily by disguising yourself and being away from those who know you🤦‍♂️

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