You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 20

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“You have committed two sins. The first is that you did not chastise your sister and wives when you knew they were speaking out against me, the queen.”

How can the four men stand by and not stop a family member from making disparaging remarks about Her Majesty at a royal party?

“Secondly, you lied to me. Count Sachs went to get a drink, Viscount Thoma went to the balcony, Viscount Koch went to the hallway, and Baron Weil said he was talking to someone he knew. But in fact, they were near Alicia.”

Why would they tell a lie that was so obvious?

“The shadows have been watching your every move. This is a royal party with hundreds of people. There must have been others who saw what you were doing. You lied about it to save your own skin… You four are very shallow-minded.”

Her Majesty the Queen casts a cold eye on four men.

Count Sachs, Viscount Thoma, Viscount Koch, and Baron Weil look down. Their faces are purple beyond blue.

“I’m going to hand you a trial. —The Countess of Sachs’ family, the family of the main culprit, has been demoted two ranks.”

The Countess of Sachs and Lovisa-sama are stunned and dumbfounded.

“Their accomplices, the Viscounts of Thoma, Koch, and Barons of Weil, have been demoted one rank. “

The heads of the families and their wives looked very pale.

The Viscounts of Thoma and Koch were demoted one level to barons, and the Barons of Weil became quasi-barons. The barons are only for one generation. The descendants have no choice but to make achievements in martial arts, academics, and medicine and to receive new peerages.

“The Barons of Sachs, Thoma, Koch, and Weil are forbidden to set foot in the royal court for two generations.”

The four families were shocked to hear the Queen’s words, and the Barons of Weil fell to their knees.

Being forbidden to enter the royal palace means that one’s career is over.

The Marquises of Filta, the Dukes of Shutia, and Crepes have refused to deal with them, so their business is no longer viable.

Moreover, being barred from entering the royal palace blocked their path to success and advancement.

I can only imagine the downfall of the four families.

The four ladies who were seized by Her Majesty’s guards and forced to kneel on the ground had their entire bodies bloodless and white.

The four ladies were to be expelled from the nobility registration and become commoners.

The four women looked as if they had aged more than ten years in a short time.

“Your Majesty the Queen! I’m divorcing my wife! So please withdraw the demotion and the ban on entering the palace!”

Baron Weil kneels before Her Majesty in tears.

“I also disown my sister! So please withdraw the demotion…!”

“I’m also divorcing my wife! So please have mercy on me…!”

“I will disown my wife! Please Her Majesty the Queen, please have mercy on me…!”

Barons Sachs, Thoma, and Koch put their hands on the floor and rubbed their heads on the floor.

“I did not authorize you to speak. You really don’t have any manners.”

Her Majesty raises her eyebrows in disapproval.

“I think you’re mistaken. This is not a matter of cutting off your sister and your wives.

You knew they were talking out of turn against the royal family, and you stood by and watched.

You lied to me, the queen, that you were not present when your sister and your wives were speaking out against me.

For this reason, your titles were demoted. Disowning your sister and your wives will not change your punishment.”

The faces of the four men, who had been shedding tears, are now marked with despair.

“This will be the last time you attend the party. Enjoy the party. It’s the least warmth you’ve ever had. Your expulsion will take place after you leave the palace.

Is it the warmth of the Queen?

“The Barons of Sachs, Thoma, Koch, and Weil will stand in line by the wall until the party is over. They are not allowed to leave, to take a drink, to open their mouths, or to move. The guards will keep an eye on them.”

I remember this punishment. When Lovisa-sama was a duchess, she ordered me to come late to the tea party of the Duke of Jaeger.

[It’s absurd of you to be late for the tea party. As a punishment, stand by the sofa with your mouth shut and moving.]

I was given a false time and was an hour late when I arrived at the Duchess of Jaeger’s house.

When I entered the room where the tea was to be held, I was stared at by Lovisa-sama and her four cronies: Baroness Thoma, Baroness Koch, and Baroness Weil.

While I was standing beside the sofa, I was told my shortcomings and bad things about the Marquises of Filta for several hours.

Is Her Majesty going to do to them what they did to me?

“If one of you leaves the room, all of you will be jointly and severally liable to have your names removed from the list of nobility.


Inaudible screams escaped from the four families.

Her Majesty is frightening.

The Barons of Sachs, Thoma, Koch, and Weil caused a stir at a royal party.

The guests in the hall are itching to gossip about them.

Being exposed to endless bad gossip about yourself does more harm than you can imagine.

In my case, there were only four people who gossiped about me, so it was still a relief, but I still felt a pain as if my heart was being ripped out of my chest.

There are hundreds of people in the hall.

Several hundred people ridiculed you, looked down on you, cursed you, and looked at you curiously for several hours… The mental anguish must be unimaginable.

Will they be in a normal state of mind when they leave the venue?

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