You’re Breaking Off Your Engagement with Me? It Was Done Yesterday, Didn’t You Know?! – Chapter 8

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Duke Jaeger sold most of his property to pay off his debts and alimony.

Having lost his fortune and being a nobleman in name only, Duke Jaeger buys a small house in the corner of his small estate and settles there.

Most of the income from the estate was taken by taxes, and the remaining money was spent on the upkeep of the house and food for the year.

With no money to hire servants, Duke Jaeger had to take care of everything himself.

Having no money to eat out and never having cooked before, Duke Jaeger had to subsist only on hard bread and water.

There were no horse-drawn carriages, so he went out on foot, as he had no money to buy new clothes. Even if they were torn, he still wore them.

He never washed his clothes, so he spent most of his time with dirty clothes.

Since he had never cleaned his house, it became dirtier and dirtier day by day, and eventually maggots set in.

For a duke who has enjoyed a prosperous life, a poor and dirty life was more painful than death.


A few years later, a plague broke out in his area, and Duke Jaeger fell ill. But without money to buy medicine, Duke Jaeger suffered more and died.

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  1. BloodCoveredAngel Avatar

    Lame ending, but I do appreciate how logical it is.

  2. Broooo😭😭😭 this is so hilarious 🤣🤣. It almost sounds like satire

  3. Seiffkin Avatar

    Omg that was even shorter than Raymond’s 😂
    Thanks for the chapter

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