The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia


Cecilia Foagat, a duchess with bright red hair and a black, enchanting dress, had her face thickly made up and her bosom bare.
Her fiancé, the country’s first prince, Hubert Rey Travelia, was chosen for her at an early age.
A prince with golden hair and blue eyes.
Her friend Evona taught her about the prince’s tastes and the latest in makeup, and Cecilia has been his fiancée ever since she was a little girl.
She says he likes sexy women, so the dress always opens wide around her chest and has a calming shade.
She said she liked a woman with a lot of makeup on her face, so she put a lot of makeup on her face.
She said she likes women who aren’t too smart, so she pretended to be an idiot.
She wore dresses without a shred of class that she didn’t want to wear and thick makeup. Talking like an idiot It was torture for Cecilia, but she still had to do her best to match the prince’s taste as his fiancée.
And the result was…
“I am breaking off my engagement to a vile, wh*rish woman like you. In exchange, I nominate as my betrothed the beautiful, chaste, and cultured Marquess Evona Randall!”
Cecilia is so fed up with everything after the breakup of her engagement that she feigns amnesia to escape the whole thing. Then, for some reason, everyone around her starts criticizing the prince.