The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 20

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Cecilia hugged and opened her mouth, knowing that now was the time to confess what she had not been able to say.

“U-Um, Syxe-sama.”

“Yes? What is it? “

Syxe moved away a little so that he could see Cecilia’s face and tilted his head.

With her heart racing, Cecilia opened her mouth.

“I… I… actually…”


“It was a lie that I had amnesia!”

In the next moment, there was silence, as if time had stopped.

Cecilia closed her eyes and waited for Syxe to speak up, wondering if he would be upset with her. When she hadn’t received an answer, she opened her eyes to see Syxe’s eyes wide open in surprise.

“Well, I’m sorry. At first, I was shocked that my engagement was broken, so I wanted to forget everything, so I lied out of the blue.”

“Please, wait a minute.”


Syxe gulped down the tea in front of him and exhaled heavily.

“Miss Cecilia, may I ask you one question?”


Cecilia was prepared to get into trouble, but Syxe’s question was completely different from what she had expected.

“Miss Cecilia…Did you ever like my brother?”


For a second, Cecilia didn’t quite understand what was being asked, but finally she understood the words and shook her head.

“No. I’ve tried to have a good relationship with him, and I’d prefer to be on good terms with him if I could, but, well, I never liked Hubert-sama—I never liked him in the romantic sense, I mean.”


Syxe posed with a vigorous gut-punch and hugged Cecilia happily.

“I thought so!”

“Eh? Eh?!”

“Oh, that’s great! I’m very, very glad Miss Cecilia didn’t like my brother, because that would have distressed me very much.”


Syxe smiled happily and stroked Cecilia’s hair and said,

“because my brother began saying things like,” Cecilia loved me, “and so on, which was very stressful for me. But I’m relieved now that I know it’s not true.”

Cecilia said in a flustered voice to Syxe, who looked very happy.

“U-Um, for some reason, His Highness Hubert seems to think I was in love with him, even though I wasn’t. Well, we really don’t have that kind of relationship!”

Syxe nodded repeatedly, happy and satisfied with these words.

“Yes, yes. Really, that’s good, that’s good.”

Relieved, Syxe hugged Cecilia and patted her on the head for a long time, while Cecilia, who had thought he would be angry with her for lying—the sweet atmosphere sent question marks flying on her head.

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