The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 16

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Hubert stopped approaching Cecilia in the school after Syxe spoke to him.

Cecilia is relieved and thinks she can enjoy school life with Syxe from now on, but lately, Syxe has been acting strange.

Cecilia wondered if she had done anything wrong, and ventured to ask while she was drinking tea with Syxe at the cafe.

“Well, you seem to be acting weird lately. Is something wrong?”

Syxe rolled his eyes, a little surprised at the remark, and covered his face with both hands.

“No, there’s nothing wrong. It’s just…”

“Just what?”

Cecilia waited for Syxe to say something, but he glanced at her and muttered,

“I realized I’m a more intolerant (narrow-minded) person than I thought.”


“I’m sorry. It’s nothing.”

Syxe then deliberately shifted the subject and did not speak further.

This has left a hazy feeling in Cecilia, and for the past few days she has been sighing and thinking nothing but about Syxe.

And then, when she was absentmindedly eating her afternoon lunch in the cafeteria,

A rustle came up, and Evona came in front of her.

Cecilia wondered at the sight of Evona, whom she had not seen for a long time, and Evona smiled prettily and said, in a coquettish voice,

“Long time no see, Cecilia-sama~.”

When she did not reply, wondering what she wanted from her, Evona sat down next to Cecilia’s seat and began to talk.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about it and I was wondering if you would give me another chance as a friend? Wouldn’t sweet Cecilia-sama accept me~?”

Cecilia sighed and straightened up, wondering what this was all about.

“Evona-sama, I think I answered that before.”

As Cecilia turned to leave, Evona grabbed her arm and said, with a sly smile,

“Yes~ Cecilia-sama doesn’t know the first thing about love… She can’t get along with His Highness Syxe without me, can she?”


“Ufufufu. I’ll tell you something good… the reason Syxe-sama is having trouble is something Hubert-sama said to him, isn’t it? Ufufufu.”

Cecilia’s brow furrowed as she stopped herself from brushing her hand away.

“His Highness Hubert?”

“Yes~ hey, Cecilia-sama, how long are you going to run away?”


Evona grabbed Cecilia’s arm so tightly that her fingernails dug into it, and said.

“If you can’t talk to Hubert properly face-to-face, wouldn’t that make Syxe uneasy? Why don’t you face him instead of running away?”

At these words, Cecilia shakes off her arm and says clearly,

“This is none of my business. Besides, isn’t His Highness Hubert already your fiancée?”

His Majesty the King had ordered the engagement of Evona and Hubert. Hubert is expected to renounce his royal title and marry into Evona’s family in the future (as a son-in-law).

But Evona’s face contorted, and she said,

“What I want is the Queen’s seat.”


Evona smirks, gets up from her seat, waves her hands in the air, and walks away.

“Ufufufu. I’ll definitely get it for sure and show it to you~. “

Cecilia, dare to say nothing.

Then she thinks

“Then let’s face each other.”

—Indeed, I can’t pretend to have amnesia forever.

Cecilia sighs and thinks about what to do.

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