The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 3

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One day, some time after the engagement was broken, Cecilia’s friends came to visit her. The weather was fine, so they set up a table in the garden and a small tea party was held.

Cecilia ate the sweets with relish, knowing that she had been holding back to keep in shape, but now she would not.

Her friends are all happy to see Cecilia, who has decided to stop wearing such makeup and fancy clothes and instead eat sweets along with her.

“It’s good that Cecilia-sama can be herself now.”


“Have some of these cookies, too, Cecilia-sama. Here you go.”

Cecilia can’t stop her hands from moving on and on and on.

Her friends, who also think she has partial amnesia, told her she was rather lucky to have lost her memory.

Then, unexpectedly, the ladies began to chat, as if to vent the resentment they had been holding in.

They all called Prince Hubert “that man” and Evona “that woman,” as if they knew they should not be disrespectful.

“That man is a real as*hole. I have to say, Cecilia-sama looked amazing in that makeup. And in that dress, frankly, we were all thrilled!”.

“Yes, Yes. That’s right. “

“We wouldn’t have looked good in that dress, but Cecilia-sama had a beautiful face, so that makeup would have suited only Cecilia-sama. And in that dress, she looked so glamorous that it almost opened a new door.”

“That woman is really annoying me.”

“Me too!”

“I always thought she was casually appealing to Cecilia-sama, but she had it all planned out!”

“She looks like she’s on Cecilia-sama’s side—what a woman!”

“And she’s so deceitful!”

The conversation was getting more and more heated, and they reminded her of her parents the other day and said it in a panic.

“Everyone, don’t be so angry. I was a fool for not noticing.”

The ladies present said, in unison,

“””It can’t be!”””

The ladies sniffled and said.

“We know about Cecilia-sama’s efforts!”

“I mean, if you had a good grasp of the school’s grades, you would know right away how good Cecilia-sama is, wouldn’t you?”

Everyone nodded their heads.

“For privacy reasons, the school doesn’t disclose grades publicly, but even so, Cecilia-sama’s excellence would be hard not to notice, given that she has won the school’s prestigious award for the best student and the best book report award,”

“And that silly way of speaking was really, really cute!”

“Foreign diplomats were also fascinated by her way of speaking.”

As her vocabulary gradually deteriorates, Cecilia becomes embarrassed and her cheeks flush.

“I’m so embarrassed. Please don’t say anything more.”

Cecilia puts her hands on both cheeks and looks up at them with a troubled look, and the ladies’ hearts are pierced.

“””Cecilia-sama, I am so glad your engagement broke off!”””

“I’m so glad you didn’t marry that idiot.”

“I’m thankful to that idiot in a way!”

“Ladies! don’t talk like that.”

Cecilia’s flustered look was adorable, and the ladies blushed.

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