The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 22

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The class was over, and Cecilia was getting ready to leave.

Syxe appeared preoccupied these days, apologizing to Cecilia and leaving as soon as the class was over, or even skipping the class altogether.

Cecilia let out a small sigh as she wished she could spend a little more time with Syxe when,

“ufufufu. Hey~ Cecilia-sama.”

Evona appeared in front of Cecilia’s eyes, clacking her shoes.

Cecilia suppressed the urge to sigh again at the sight and said, with a smile,

“Evona-sama, what brings you here even though we are in different grades?”

“I came to see how Cecilia-sama is doing, you know, who is about to be rejected by His Highness Syxe.”


The sudden remark made even the other girls in the class sit up and take notice.

Evona’s voice was so loud that Cecilia got a headache and shook her head.

“His Highness Syxe is not that kind of person.”

Evona smiled and clapped her hands in amusement at these words.

“Oh~, then, why does Syxe-sama write to my house so often these days?”


“Oto-sama has been receiving letters from Syxe-sama lately. I’m sure it’s a marriage proposal letter.”

Cecilia is momentarily annoyed by these words, but quietly shakes her head.

“You’re being disrespectful, Evona-sama. I believe in His Highness Syxe.”


Evona’s brow furrowed as her mood suddenly turned sour.

“Do you really think His Highness Syxe loves you? That’s because you have the right title! Without those, you’re worth nothing!”

With these outbursts, Cecilia began to lose her understanding of this woman named Evona.

—I used to think that she was a kind, gentle, and reliable friend.

This was probably because Cecilia believed in Evona so much that she did not argue with her.

But Cecilia is changing, too.

Cecilia smiles gently.

The students who stayed in the class, gasped and watched the two.

“Evona-sama is right, I am a duchess. That is why I was chosen to be His Highness’ betrothed. That is the duty of a noblewoman.”

“H-How unhappy is a marriage without love!?”


Cecilia thinks quietly and says, holding her chest.

“If it’s love, there is.”


“I love His Highness Syxe.”

At Cecilia’s words, the students in the class blushed, and Evona slammed the desk in annoyance.

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