The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 9

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A few days later,

Hubert and Evona pulled and kissed each other in one of the waiting rooms before the ball began.

“You can’t go any further. You’ll ruin my makeup~”

“Aah… I can’t take it any longer. Hey, why don’t we miss tonight’s ball?”

“No… His Majesty the King said he had something important to discuss.”

“A~ah, I see.”

Hubert looks disappointed and stands up, calls for the butler, and arranges his clothes.

Evona also gets her makeup done by the maids, and they start walking together again.

“I wonder if my father and mother finally decided to accept our relationship.”

“That’s right. I’m sure they do.”

Hubert thought he was going to get into trouble when he broke off his engagement to Cecilia on his own, but surprisingly, neither the king nor the queen said anything, and Hubert wished he had broken off the engagement sooner.

Since then, the nagging he used to receive has diminished considerably, and now he has plenty of time to have s*x with Evona.

“I wonder if I’ll finally be named the crown prince.”

Hubert said excitedly, and Evona laughed happily.

“I’m sure you will! I’m looking forward to it!”

The two of them entered the ballroom in an exhilarated mood.

Normally, they would be greeted with applause, but today there is only the sound of an orchestra (fanfare?), but no human sounds.

When the two wonder why, they feel uncomfortable staring.

“What is it?”

“They must be in awe of His Highness the Crown Prince, aren’t they?”

“Oh~, so that’s what it is.”

Hubert chuckles at the glances he receives.

—From now on, this country will be on my shoulders, together with Evona.

That’s when it happened.

With a fanfare, a round of applause rang out.

Hubert and Evona look around to see his brother Syxe and a woman of uncommon beauty appear at the door where the King and Queen would normally appear.

Hubert swallows at the sight of this stunning beauty, who could easily be mistaken for a fairy.

Her silvery white dress shimmers in the light.

Hubert’s gaze is drawn to her translucent skin and peach-colored lips, despite the fact that she is wearing only a hint of makeup.

“Beautiful… Who is she?”

Hubert says, unintentionally, and Evona widens her eyes.



Hubert looks at Cecilia with wide eyes.

“What? Are you kidding me? That beautiful woman is… that Cecilia?”

Hubert gulps his saliva again.

An evil thought flashes through his mind.


Such thoughts are quickly dispelled when the King and Queen appear behind Syxe and Cecilia, smiling and congratulating them.

—Wait, something is wrong.

Just when Hubert thinks that something is wrong, he hears faint voices.

[Cecilia-sama is beautiful today.]

[She fits in well with His Highness Syxe.]

[This kingdom will be secure when Syxe and Cecilia-sama succeed.]

[His Highness Hubert is finished.]

Hubert abruptly turns his head toward the voices.

—Who said that?!

But the voices are coming from everywhere.

[It’s a relief, isn’t it?]

[Yes, His Highness Syxe is now the king’s vessel.]

[His Highness Hubert can’t do it.]

Sweat trickled down Hubert’s back.

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