The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 11

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Cecilia stared at Hubert.

The marriage between the royal and ducal families had been arranged, and her parents had taught her to live as an aristocrat to protect and respect the royal family and help the country prosper.

That’s why Cecilia has been able to live her life even though Hubert didn’t listen to or ignore her.

But Hubert cut her off so easily.

Cecilia quietly took a breath and said,

“I’m sorry… I don’t remember.”

Up until now, Cecilia has played and tried to be liked by Hubert, as advised by Evona.

But it was not because Cecilia loved Hubert.

It was because it was her duty.

Cecilia bowed her head beautifully.

“First Prince, I am the fiancée of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Syxe. From now on, Syxe-sama will be my only one. What happened before is irrelevant. I only fulfill my role as a nobleman’s daughter.”


Hubert twitches his cheeks.

Evona gives Cecilia a complacent voice in a flustered manner.

“Cecilia-sama! We are friends. Why didn’t you tell me?!”

At these words, Cecilia quietly recalls the time when she first met Evona.

—Yes, I thought we were friends.

But now it is clear to Cecilia that she was just being used.

“Excuse me, my friends?”

Cecilia says this in a troubled manner and glances around the hall.

Several of them quickly step behind Cecilia and stare at Evona with a cold, intimidating look.

They are the ladies who have worried about Cecilia and encouraged her with letters and tea parties. These ladies are Cecilia’s true friends, whom she should cherish.

That’s why, with a beautiful smile on her face, Cecilia said,

“My friends are here.”

Evona’s face twitches.

“Please, don’t forget the past! We’re best friends!”

Everyone’s faces contort at these words.

Hubert impatiently grabs Evona by the arm.


Evona frees herself from his grip and rushes toward Cecilia, holding her hands.

“Right? You’re my best friend. You just forgot, didn’t you?”

At these words, Cecilia shakes her head and gently pulls Evona’s hand away.

“As I said before, my friends are here, not you.”

At this point, Hubert and Evona finally noticed that all eyes were on them.

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