The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 26

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Hubert’s scheme was a very poor scheme.

Hubert, who had no people in aristocratic society, turned to the underworld. A nest of people who would sell information and kill as many people as they could for as much money as they could get.

But when asked if they can be trusted, they have to shake their heads.

Because those who are motivated by money will eventually sell their information to those who have more money.

It only takes a moment for the place to be overrun, and some of the men in black are caught and restrained, while others escape.

Even if they manage to flee, the underworld has already cut them off by the time they arrive here. They’ve decided where they’re going to end up.

Because, under Syxe’s direction, the three best men in the inner circle have it all under control.

Giovanni, Lauren, and Victor are in the right place at the right time, and when they finish their tasks, they stand at Syxe’s back, staring at Hubert, expressionless.

Hubert opened his eyes wide at the appearance of the three and collapsed.

It only lasted a moment.

Hubert was confident and dreamed that he would get everything.

But it shattered in an instant and dissolved into dust.

“Why? Why are you interrupting me?! You used to be on my side…”

The three looked at each other as the words were whispered.

“I followed you because my parents ordered me to.”

“I have never respected you.”

“We are convinced, of our own volition, that His Highness Syxe is the best candidate to be the next king.”

Hubert bites his lip at these words and looks at Cecilia as if to cling to her.

“You… Cecilia… You have been thinking about me, haven’t you? Will you give me a second chance?”

Cecilia shakes her head, her words so selfish.

“You had so many chances to start over. But it is you who have fallen away.”

At these words, Hubert winces and looks at Syxe.

“You’re my brother, aren’t you? How can you do this to me?”

Syxe looks at Hubert, who is putting himself on the back burner and mutters,

“Brother is such a fool, even though you got everything.”

“Then give it back!”

Syxe shakes his head at his plaintive cry.

“I can’t leave it to Brother anymore.”

Hubert hangs his head and is led away by the knight.

Meanwhile, Evona is trying to sneak away.

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