The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 10

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Cecilia was looking nervous as she stood next to Syxe, but when Syxe squeezed her hand, she calmed down a little.

The king and queen flanked Cecilia and Syxe.

The king raised his hand to stop the applause and began to speak in a slow tone.

“Today is a great day. I hereby name the Crown Prince as the next king of the kingdom.”

The room fell silent.

The king patted Syxe on the shoulder.

“My son Syxe, the second prince, is fit to be king. Therefore, I appoint Syxe as the next king and crown prince. In addition, he is to marry the Duchess Cecilia, and together they are to support this kingdom. From now on, I ask that you all lend your support to these two young people.

Slowly, the applause grows louder, as if in approval.

The room was filled with applause, and Syxe and Cecilia came forward and bowed as if to thank them.

“Now that I am the crown prince, I am going to walk for the sake of this country with even more determination.”

“I will walk carefully for my country, step by step, on the road ahead.”

Their words were met with another wave of applause.

But then, as if to cancel out the wave of applause, a shout echoed through the hall.

“Father! What the hell is going on?!”

Hubert’s voice caught everyone’s attention.

“I am the first prince! I am the one who should be the crown prince! Isn’t Syxe an abominable being?!”

At that moment, a wave of mocking little voices hits Hubert.

[What a fool!]

[How could he not see His Highness Syxe’s capability?]

[His Majesty the King has made a wise decision].

[Looks can be deceiving. In the first place, Syxe-sama has the same hair color as the Wise King of old!]

[I can’t believe he doesn’t understand his position]

Hubert’s face contorts, and he raises his voice.

“Shut up! Shut up! You don’t respect me?! I’m the first prince, and I’m supposed to be the crown prince of this country! Am I right!”

But no one agrees with him.

Hubert turns his attention to those who used to be his aides and shouts.

“You guys! Catch those who just said rude things!”

But none of them moved.

Hubert’s close aides are a thing of the past.

A badge of support for the Second Prince shines on the bosoms of his three closest aides.

“Hey, can’t you hear me?! You guys!”

Syxe comes down from the stage with Cecilia to confront Hubert, who can’t even remember the names of his own aides.

His aides are behind Syxe, and everyone in the hall is watching their every move.

“Giovanni, Lauren, and Victor. Would you like to go back to him?”

Syxe said as the three men bowed their heads.

“””We have already pledged our allegiance to His Highness Syxe.]”””

Syxe nodded his head in satisfaction and turned to Hubert.

“Brother, you don’t even know your own people’s names. You will never be a Crown Prince.”

Hubert gulped and turned his attention to Cecilia.

“Cecilia! You will help me, won’t you?!”

Cecilia tilted her head at the sudden words and said,

“I’m sorry, it’s none of my business.”


Syxe sighed heavily and said.

“She’s my fiancée now. Please refrain from calling her that.”

“What!? Heh, whatever you say, she loves me.”

Syxe twisted his face at the remark.

“Cecilia! You’ve always loved me, and you’ve always been there for me! What is this? The memories, yes! I’ve been told you have amnesia, haven’t you? That’s why you were fooled by everyone!”

Cecilia was irritated by these words because he had knowledge of her amnesia but had never visited her, and now he wanted to use her as a shield.

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  1. Linda says:

    Hubert is definitely an idiot, if he believes that his ex-fiancée (whom he had threw away for her ex-friend and disrespected [in front of everyone] at the previous ball) will speak up for him now.

    She is no longer an ally of his.

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