The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 2

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Cecilia lay in bed the day after her engagement was broken, her eyes red and swollen, in a daze.

—I don’t want to think about anything anymore.

She held her head and tried to forget about it, but the image of Evona and Hubert on stage, smiling broadly, lingered in her mind as the lady-in-waiting approached her with a surprised expression on her face.

“Are you all right, miss? Young Miss!? Do you have a headache?!”


While Cecilia was wondering what she was talking about, the lady-in-waiting called for a doctor, and in no time, the doctor began to examine her.

Then Cecilia has a sudden thought.

The engagement was just broken off yesterday.

A broken engagement is quite a shock.

“How are you feeling?”

When the doctor asked her that, her mouth started to move involuntarily.

Cecilia was already fed up with the whole thing. So she tells a lie.

“I…know who I am and all that, but I can’t…remember what happened yesterday…”

She thought it would be a bit problematic to say that she had lost her memory of everything, so she decided to say that she had only lost the memories of Hubert and Evona, who had given her a shock.

Cecilia thought so and told such a lie.

While answering the doctor’s questions, Cecilia decides on her current situation.

[She remembers that she was the first prince’s fiancée, but not the person named Hubert or her (former) friend Evona.]

It means that she remembers everything about her daily life.

The doctor nods and listens with a mysterious look on his face.

Cecilia is sent back to her room and sits idle in her room, thinking that amnesia limited to two people could be quite useful.

Normally, she had to change into a complicated outfit and apply a thick coat of make-up first thing in the morning, but she didn’t have to do that today, and time seemed to move more slowly.

Then, her parents appeared in a panic in the room.



Cecilia opened her eyes wide at the flustered appearance of her parents, who usually looked straight ahead and calm as aristocrats.

“Oto-sama? Oka-sama? What’s wrong?”

At these words, her father, Ralph, and mother, Chelsea, hugged Cecilia tightly.

“Was it such a shock to break off your engagement? But it’s just right. It’s better for Cecilia to forget about such an idiot.”

“Yes, you don’t have to remember such a horrible man and woman!”

Cecilia was taken aback by her parents’ words because she had been taught that royalty was something the nobility stood for at all times and had learned this from her parents’ behavior (actions).

“O-Oto-sama, O-Oka-sama… That’s royalty. “

Ralph and Chelsea said angrily in response to Cecilia’s panicked voice.

“Royalty? Haha. How can you stand up to a stupid prince just because he’s royalty when he hurts the lovely


“Yes, Cecilia. We know you’ve worked so hard. Yes, your makeup and dress may have been a bit flashy, but breaking off an engagement because it’s not to his liking? What! We don’t want a prince like that! He’s not worthy of our cute Cecilia!”

Her parents’ annoyance increased, and for a while, Cecilia had to listen to her parents’ complaints about the prince, which she had not expected.

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