The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 13

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After the ball, Hubert returns to his room and starts laughing.


He had never envisioned anything but a future where he would be the Crown Prince.

—Syxe as the crown prince?

Anger and smoldering emotions tore at his heart.

He can still hear the deafening voices of those who are against him.

In a fit of rage, Hubert smashes everything in his room and tears the pillows with his sword.

“Screw you!! I am the one who will be king… damn, damn! I must make him understand!”

In those animal eyes, he remembers Cecilia today.

—She was beautiful.

At first sight, he knew that this was the woman he was looking for.

At the same time, he began to feel anger and hatred toward Evona.

“She is the one who broke me and Cecilia apart… We loved each other.”

In his mind, truth and fiction began to overlap, and Hubert’s thoughts created his own story to suit his own needs.

“Yes… Evona brainwashed me. Cecilia loved me, but she (Evona) didn’t want to tell me that. What a witch! Syxe must have planned this. To take Cecilia away from me…”

As he keeps destroying the furniture in the room, Hubert mumbles a few words and then stops.

“Oo~h poor Cecilia must have cried a lot when she was taken away from me. She must have forgotten me because she suffers from amnesia. Yes, that’s right. I’ll make sure she remembers. And then maybe she will come back to me.”

There is madness in Hubert’s eyes.

“When Cecilia comes back to her senses, I’m sure Father will understand. And Syxe is no good. I have to get rid of him somehow…”

A mumbling voice echoes through the room like a curse.

“Aa~a, wait for me, Cecilia. I’ll save you.”

In his delirium, Hubert smiles ecstatically.

A few days after Syxe became the crown prince, Cecilia walks through the school gate for the first time in a long time.

Cecilia had attended the Royal Academy but had to take a break because her engagement had broken off, but she would return today.

However, Cecilia, who was originally in the second grade, was moved to the same grade as Syxe, who is a year below her.

Since she was previously in the same class as Hubert and Evona, the school and the royal family decided it would be better if she went to the same class as Syxe.

The queen’s education had to take up a lot of time on the schedule because there were too many classes.

Cecilia, at this time, is still unaware that Hubert has begun to go mad.

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