The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 23

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“Stop screwing around!”

A shout echoes through the room, making everyone present tense up their shoulders.

Hubert enters the room, his face flushed with anger, and stares at Cecilia.

“You love him? You’re a cheating son of a b*tch!”

Cecilia was startled by these words, but she expressed herself clearly.

“Cheating? No, I’m not. My fiancée is Syxe-sama. I’m not cheating.”

“You must be cheating! You belong to me!”

Evona shouted in agreement.

“That’s right! You were Hubert-sama’s fiancee!”

Cecilia is deafeningly quiet, but her mind races as if she were mocking someone for the first time.

—Are these two idiots?

Then Cecilia took a quiet, deep breath.

—But, I am the one who started all this.

She had made up her mind. She looked straight at them and said,

“Syxe-sama is my current fiancée. This is my advice to both of you. You should not discuss these topics in a public place like this. If you’re still not convinced, perhaps we should go to the royal palace first?”


“Are you trying to fool me?!”

—Because there are a lot of students here.

Cecilia felt that Hubert shouldn’t expose himself too much, and that it would be a smear on Syxe’s name.

“That’s enough! Miss Cecilia, haa… Sorry, I’m late.”

Syxe appeared on the spot, breathing a little hard. Cecilia felt that he might have come in a hurry after receiving the news.

“Brother, Miss Evona, I have something to say to both of you, so let’s move on to the royal palace. “

Hubert frowns at Syxe’s words, while Evona’s eyes light up, and she nods as if she thinks this is good news.

Hubert looked at Syxe and chuckled.

“All right, It’s about time we settled the matter.”

“Yes, Brother.”

Hubert and Evona were put in the same carriage, and Syxe and Cecilia got into different carriages.

Syxe holds Cecilia’s hand and says,

“Did that scare you?”

“No, it’s all right. Um, what does he mean to settle the matter?”

“Yeah, about that… Maybe it’ll surprise Miss Cecilia. But whatever happens, you have to trust me.”

Cecilia considered Syxe’s busy schedule and concluded that he must have been preparing for something, so she nodded.

“All right, But can I be honest with them later about the fact that my memory is not lost? It’s my fault that I didn’t tell them properly in the first place.”

“Yes, of course, but since it’s the two of them, I don’t want them to interpret it in any way. Can you just say that you remember?”

“All right.”

Cecilia was determined to convey her intentions firmly.

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