The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 25

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Hubert let out a deliberate sigh.

Then he quietly turned to Cecilia and said,

“Well, that’s all right. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re going to marry me.”

These words made everyone in the room turn their heads.

A group of people dressed in black and hiding their faces entered the room through a hidden corridor and surrounded Cecilia and the others.

When Cecilia saw how quickly things changed, she clung to Syxe, who squeezed her hand reassuringly.

Evona was also surprised by the sight and looked at Hubert.

“H-Hubert-sama? What’s this?”

“Well? I guess. I thought I’d make Syxe and you disappear here.”

Evona was very surprised by his words.

Evona clung to Hubert and said in a cat-like voice.

“D-Didn’t you say we’d cooperate?”

Hubert shook off Evona’s hand and said with a sly grin.

“How dumb b*tch you are. Well, I was a fool to fall for the deception of such a woman. I had no idea how much you coveted the position of queen. But now I am awake.”

Hubert then looks at Cecilia with sultry eyes.

“Cecilia is the one who deserves to be queen. We’ll make it look like a crazy crime by Evona and take care of everything together, Evona and Syxe. Let’s put them in the same coffin.”

“Hubert-sama! You can’t be serious!”

“Ahaha! You want to be with Syxe badly, don’t you?! Then that’s good!”

Cecilia clenched Syxe’s hand tightly in such a gibberish exchange.

Hubert smiled, shook off Evona’s attempt to cling to him, and reached for Cecilia’s hand.

“Cecilia. Come here. “

Cecilia shook her head and said clearly.

“Even if you kill me, I will not come to you.”

“…What did you say?”

Hubert raised his eyebrows and raised his voice.

“Don’t be so cocky when you’re the one who always gets the short end of the stick! Hahaha! Well! I’ll teach you a lesson later! Now go forth and kill Syxe and Evona!”


Hubert shouts,

Evona screams and tries to run toward the door.

Then the men in black raised their swords.

Syxe looked at the situation and shrugged his shoulders.

“Brother, you really are a fool.”

Some, the men in black change their stance to protect Syxe and Cecilia, and knights rush in from outside the room.

Syxe said quietly.

“Well, thanks to my foolish brother, we have all the evidence we need.”

Syxe squeezes Cecilia’s hand again, reassuringly.

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