The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 15

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Syxe then accompanied Cecilia back to her house, went back to the royal palace, and then to Hubert’s room.

Cecilia was his current fiancée, and he needed to protect her.

The Academy is impartial at best and inaccessible to royalty at worst. The royal family can use their power, but they prefer to settle things among themselves whenever possible.

Syxe knocks on the door and, with Hubert’s permission, enters the room with narrowed eyes.

He had heard that there had been a rampage in the room, but all the furniture had been replaced, but the walls were still scratched.

Hubert sipped his wine and took one look at Syxe.

“Brother, please explain to me what happened today—Miss Cecilia is my fiancée.”

Hubert slammed his wine glass on the floor in anger at that moment.

“Ar~a, my hand slipped in spite of the grating voice.”

Syxe was undaunted.

“Do you think such threats would make sense?”

They looked at each other, but Hubert averted his eyes and stepped on a broken wine glass with his shoe.

“Well, but Cecilia will come back to me eventually.”

“I wish you wouldn’t call someone’s fiancée. Besides, it will never happen.”

Seeing Syxe say it so clearly, Hubert said amusedly.

“Ahahaha…Cecilia doesn’t love you.”

“Really? This is just the beginning.”

Syxe remarked.

Hubert is amused by the collapse of Syxe’s expression.

“I’m glad she has amnesia, because Cecilia will love me.”

“Will love you? I don’t know about that.”

“How could she not? Evona herself stated during the interrogation that she wanted a good relationship with his (former) fiancée, so it’s true, isn’t it? Evona had made her change her preferences for my sake. She was the one who put so much effort into making me like her. Hahaha!”

“… Don’t be so sure about that.”

Hubert shakes Syxe’s heart.

When Hubert steps on the shards of the wine glass, they shatter and make a crunching sound as he walks toward Syxe.

“Cecilia loved me.”

“That’s not possible.”

Syxe looked at Hubert and said

“Please stop approaching Miss Cecilia.”

“Ha~a. Well, here’s what we’ll do. I’ll stay away. But I will not refuse Cecilia’s advances. Okay?”

Syxe laughs when he hears these words.

“Of course, Miss Cecilia won’t get close to Brother.”

“Ahahaha. I wonder if that’s true.”

Syxe leaves Hubert’s room with wrinkles between his eyebrows.

Hubert pours a new wine glass filled with bright red wine and mumbles.

“Cecilia is mine.”

Hubert downed the wine in one gulp.

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