The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 6

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It was less than a week ago that news broke of the second prince, Syxe, paying a visit to Cecilia’s home while she was absent from school for medical treatment.

Cecilia had not been informed of the fact that her parents were set to meet Syxe.

And right now, in the guest room, Syxe and Cecilia’s parents were meeting.

“Thank you for allowing me to visit your home today. I know it’s early, but I would like to apologize for what my brother did to Miss Cecilia. I’m really sorry for my foolish brother.”

Cecilia’s father and mother wrinkle their brows as Syxe bows deeply, not brusquely like his older brother, despite the fact that they are the retainers. To be clear, they have no interest in the royal family that harmed Cecilia and have even discussed leaving the country and relocating to another country.

However, Syxe’s apology was unexpected.

The second prince, Syxe, was often shunned because of his appearance, but in recent years, his seriousness and sincerity have been recognized, and some have even attempted to elevate him. However, he was always willing to back up his elder brother, so there was no rivalry between the two.

Between Cecilia’s father and mother, the question arises, ‘Why did Syxe do this?’.

When they wondered if it was for his elder brother’s sake or for the country, an unexpected word came out of his mouth.

“I am ashamed to be the brother of a man who would break the engagement of an innocent Miss Cecilia at a ball. After this incident, I have decided to give up on my brother.”



Cecilia’s father and mother stand up from the spot with wide eyes, clearly understanding the meaning of his words, but soon sit back and fill their mouths with a mouthful of tea.

“So… Your Highness, but you never showed any sign of it before.”

Syxe nodded with sad eyes and then looked straight at Cecilia’s father.

“Yes, when my brother and Miss Cecilia are still engaged, and I thought that if it made Miss Cecilia happy, that would be enough.”

At these words, they both cleared their throats.



Syxe said to them in a firm tone.

“I adore Miss Cecilia… She’s the only person who has ever looked me in the eyes since I was a boy and who has never despised or shunned me. She’s been my savior.”

Cecilia’s parents blushed when they were exposed to pure emotions that were too direct, even though they weren’t theirs.

It was sweet and sour.

Cecilia, who had been listening to what was said outside the door, blushed and ran back to her room to avoid being found out.

She happened to see Syxe coming in through the window and followed and listened, despite the fact that she knew it was inappropriate for a young lady to do so.

The ladies-in-waiting were taken aback, but watched with warm eyes as if it were an aftereffect of amnesia, but when they saw Cecilia’s face turn bright red, they couldn’t help but wonder what was going on.

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