The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia – Chapter 5

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After the ball was over, three noblemen rented a certain restaurant, and began to pour alcohol.

The restaurant was deserted because it was rented out, and the three of them started to drink as if they were trying to vent their resentment.

“Ha~a, because of that idiot… we wouldn’t enjoy the benefits Cecilia-sama would bring.”

“It’s true, isn’t it? He’s already… the crown prince’s life is over, isn’t it?”

“Indeed, ah, no, don’t tell me.”

The three of them attend the same school, but in reality, they are the prince’s retainers within the school.

They helped the prince at times, encouraged him at other times, and casually told him about his flaws.

For what it’s worth, the prince had no problem with his studies, but his arrogant nature was too much to handle. Because of that, it is not demonstrated in aristocratic society.

But at the most recent ball, they finally gave up.

The three sighed heavily as they drank the bubbling wine in one gulp.

“Ha~a…all our hard work has ended in vain…”

“It was all for nothing. It was my father who asked me to do it, and I did it right even though I didn’t want to…”

“The crown prince is not going to make it.”

Hubert is, to begin with, a careless individual. He’s not easily persuaded to do anything other than what he believes is right, and he’s always been a source of contention at school.

It was the three of them who stopped him before it became a problem.

It was always the three of them who had to run around.

“What are we going to do now?”

“We’re in that idiot’s inner circle…”

“We should have kept a better eye on him. We could have kept Miss Evona in check on campus…”

“I never thought this would happen during spring break…”

Sighing heavily, they blame themselves for not being able to stop the prince, and their heads hurt.

It was as if it had already been decided that there was no future for them.

It was then.

The room had been reserved for a private party, but when the door opened, a man approached the three of them.




“Hey, are you drinking?”

It was Syxe, the second prince of this country, who appeared there.

The unexpected appearance of Syxe caught the three of them off guard, and they froze, but quickly switched heads and bowed.

“””Greetings to His Highness the Second Prince Syxe.”””

Shaking off the alcohol in their bloodstream, the three men rack their brains to figure out why Syxe came here.

But the answer soon comes from Syxe’s mouth.

“I know you guys are fantastic. Because you guys were so good, that idiot was able to do it without causing any major problems at school.”

The sound of his voice made them break out in a cold sweat.

Syxe went on.

“This incident must have been something you didn’t know about during the spring break. That’s why I’m giving you a choice.”

Syxe said with a smile.

“Are you willing to cut off the connection with that idiot and join me?”

The answer came quickly from the three of them.

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