After Breaking up With His Fiancée, Who in Favor of His Weak Childhood Friend, She Ended up Marrying His Brother


Musker, the fiancé of the Marchioness Amelia, puts his childhood friend in the priority.
He proudly tells her that she is frail and he must help her.
Amelia is worried about her upcoming wedding.
Musker answers his childhood friend’s calls during all the important wedding conversations, including choosing the rings and the dress.
Amelia has finally given up on marrying him after seeing him like this.
However, when she asks Musker’s father to formally break the engagement, he makes her wait and asks for more time.
Musker’s brother Aaron, who had studied abroad for years, returned a month later and assured Amelia, “I swear I will make you happy. Please marry me.”
Amelia can only nod her head in perplexity at the confession of Aaron, whom she has long loved but given up on since he had another woman in his life.