After Breaking Up with His Fiancée, Who in Favor of His Weak Childhood Friend, She Ended Up Marrying His Brother – Chapter 4

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“… You don’t want to suddenly be told this, do you?”

Aaron smiled regretfully when I couldn’t say anything, as if he had misunderstood me.

When I saw this, my brain process finally slowed down.

“But it’s a feeling I’ve held back my whole life. I came back to say it.”

“My whole life…?”

“Yes, I’m aware it’s not fair to exploit a wounded heart.”

He thinks to himself.

I’ve never seen Aaron look like this before.”

But what he said made my heart beat so quickly that I couldn’t say anything.

“But I don’t want to live with any more regrets. Amelia.”


Someone yells, and our body jolts before we can even think about it.

Aaron smiled sadly once again.

“… Simply take your time. Will you consider marrying me when you’re ready to forgive Musker? Of course, you have the right to refuse.”

Aaron pleads, placing his hand on his chest.

His pained look reminded me that what he was saying was not his actual intentions.

“Because Aaron seemed to enjoy Daisy…”

“Daisy? Why do you continually care for her in this way?”

“I know, you fled the country together, and you have emotions for each other.”

Aaron perplexes me since he seems to have no concept of what’s going on.

I’m curious whether they’ve already split up.

It’s not possible.

They were such a wonderful pair.

I’m prepared to make a sacrifice to bridge the gap between the two families, I should be the one to put a stop to it.

“So I’ve given you the incorrect impression… There’s a reason for that, but I promise I’m not two-timing you or anything.”

“Aaron is not the kind of guy who would commit anything so heinous.”

But what was all the fuss about?

“I know I’m not wrong. I understand. I was aware of it. “

“Did you hear what I said? Whom are you addressing?”

Aaron arched an eyebrow in response to my perplexed comments.

He looks anxious. I’m curious whether I irritated him.

I’m afraid I’m going to weep for no reason.

“Musker informed me. You are thinking of marrying her. “

“That’s ridiculous!”

His eyes widened in shock as he hastily answered Aaron’s query.

Then he turned over, his hand on his chin as if thinking, and stillness descended on the room.

“That, as well….”

He eventually spoke up and looked at me, as if he had discovered something.

“Oh, forgive me, I left you standing.”

He clenched his fists, as if chastising himself for comprehending such a thing after all this time.

“Let’s sit down and talk. I need to calm down a bit.”

He sits on the sofa with a weary face and a brief sigh.

“This way.”

Aaron called to me as I moved in front of him, perplexed.

“Sit here.”

“Eh, but.”

He patted his side and gave me a look that made me nervous about our closeness.

I sat down next to him without reluctance under duress.

Aaron is sitting next to me.

As I realized how close we were, my cheeks began to flush.

“So, um, do you recall Musker telling you that?”

When prompted, just nod.

How could I have forgotten?

Because it was the day I suffered heartache.

“That was approximately the period that the Hanoverians and Brandons began to take their matchmaking seriously. “

There’s no need to conceal anything, so I’ll be honest and tell him about the day I found out about Aaron and Daisy’s relationship.

“When uncle and father told me to choose the one I like, I knew I was really getting married.”

“That was about three years ago.”

“Yes, so… I spoke with Musker.”

“Because Amelia and Musker were so close,” Aaron answered in a somewhat downcast tone when I mentioned being apprehensive about the unpleasant sense of being observed up close.

It’s difficult to put into words what we’re talking about.

I want to marry him because I like Aaron, but I’m not sure whether Aaron would agree.

You won’t like it if I compel you to marry me.

That’s something I’ve heard.

I don’t believe I need to ask anymore.

No guy would be pleased if he was compelled to marry a woman he dislikes.

You may be able to give up if the two families were forced to marry one other.

But it’s unfortunate that I’m the only one who has an option, and Aaron has no choice but to accept it.

The meeting was really a formality, yet all he needed was for him to say, “Don’t worry.” to push my back.

When I reflect back, my face almost explodes into flames at how shallow I was.

“Then he informed me Aaron was dating Daisy and was about to marry her, so I should be with him.”

“Isn’t that what Musker told you?”

Aaron begs for confirmation in hushed tones.

“Yes, He said I shouldn’t do anything to separate you two. As a consequence, I…”

I’ve given up on marrying you.

This isn’t something you say.

“Could it be, no, you…?”

Aaron’s perplexed expression revealed his confusion.

If what occurred with Daisy was a mistake on Musker’s behalf, “Amelia told me she confessed to my brother.”

“What!?” Aaron’s statements caused me to shout in amazement.

“Who did he think he is!?”

“It’s Musker. You told him he was the only man you could imagine marrying, and he apologized, and I had no choice but to give up.”

“I never said anything like that!!”

Aaron’s face pinched in agony as he saw me frantically denying it.

“So it’s a lie.”

“He’s lying! Because I…”

Because Aaron is someone I like.

I continue to huff in my head.

Yes, but not in the past tense.

When we met again, I was reminded of it.

It still appeals to me.

I love him, I refuse to give up on him, and I’m relieved to learn that what occurred with Daisy was a misunderstanding.

Perhaps Musker’s coldness towards me was unavoidable.

I couldn’t shake these frivolous sentiments, so I continued to play about.

“I believed… Amelia always appeared to be in a good mood when she was in front of Musker.

“As a friend, it was simple to chat to.”

“Yes, I was happy that you didn’t seem to be all over heels in love with him. I suppose I wanted to believe it. But you undoubtedly began avoiding me when the ridiculous engagement tale became public.”

He smiles, a painful expression on his face.

I recognized I was in love with Aaron at that point, but I was too ashamed to look at him properly.

“That was pretty hurtful.”

“I-I’m sorry, I…”

“OK, OK. A near-twenty-year-old is an uncle in the eyes of a teenager. It’d be strange to discover you’re in love with someone like that. “

Aaron says this with a distorted smile, mocking himself.

His expression was devastating.

“Of course, I didn’t want to force you to marry me, but I must confess that I was eager to act in order to reinforce the tie between our two families. If it makes you nervous, there’s nothing you can do about it.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, what are you talking about?”

“After you got engaged to my brother, we were able to talk again. I have decided to accept that it was because I was relieved.”

“I’m sorry, Aaron, but I can’t understand what you’re saying.”

Unable to contain my confusion, I grabbed Aaron by the sleeve and forced him to stop speaking.

His palpitations were intense, and his breathing was shallow.

“…What the heck is this all about?”

“It’s a story about how I’ve always loved you.”

When he was summarily affirmed, my cognitive process went up in flames and short-circuited.

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