After Breaking Up with His Fiancée, Who in Favor of His Weak Childhood Friend, She Ended Up Marrying His Brother – Chapter 10

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“I stepped aside, Musker, because I thought you loved Amelia. If you liked Lily, why did you need to cheat on Amelia and me? “

“Because, I know, you liked Amelia. You always with her, so I thought, This time…”

That’s a nasty insult.

Musker knew I liked Aaron from the beginning.

Musker has no idea he’s doing anything wrong; he just talks like a moron.

“So why don’t you look after her? Why do you always prioritize Lily?”

His questioning tone is stern.

Musker sagged back into his chair, his energy drained.

Musker, who had always known Aaron to be friendly, was perplexed by Aaron’s behavior.

“L-Lily is…”

“Lily has absolutely nothing to do with this! Don’t try to pass the buck to others! I hate Musker!”

“Shut up, Lily.”

Aaron said this in an intimidating tone without even looking at her.

“That… brother Aaron”

Lily sat there with a sad expression on her face, but no one cared.

She was used to being spoiled and it annoyed her, but her face soon turned sullen.


Musker’s face contorted as Aaron called out to him in hushed tones to encourage him to keep going.

“…Lily has been calling me a lot since Amelia and I got engaged and you left. She told me she liked me a lot. She admitted to me that she pretended to like you in order to make me envious. I was overjoyed because I had a crush on Lily before meeting Amelia. Amelia, she… she was still madly in love with you. Nonetheless, I forced her to like me. even though I didn’t like her. In any case, she felt sorry for me. Lily said so. “

It’s true that I realized I’d always liked Aaron, but I didn’t get engaged out of pity. Of course, I didn’t want to be overly nice to him.

Musker was a good friend at the time, and I liked him.

I’m sure we could have formed a normal family if he had stayed the way he was.

However, he gradually became distorted, and my respect for Musker’s faded.

The reason for this was that the girl kept looking at me with resentment.

“She said I couldn’t even break the engagement because she didn’t want to cause a fight between the two families. Lily told me she was an evil woman who took advantage of our father and tore up my relationship with Lily. I couldn’t marry Lily because father wouldn’t allow it and Amelia had told him not to. And that I didn’t have to take care of Amelia because Lily was the only person who really cared about me.

“No,no,! That’s all a lie! Lily only has eyes for you, brother Aaron! You’re just passing the time; don’t say anything you don’t mean! “

Musker’s words are cut off by Lily’s shout, as if she can’t bear the thought of being blamed for everything.

Her expression was devoid of nuance or ambiguity.

There was only one haughty and stubborn woman.

It’s clear that Lily had a significant influence on Musker’s change.

Anyone in the room would have noticed.

Under the circumstances, Musker was, of course, the one who revealed all the bad things about Lily, his true love.

They were both too young and too selfish, and I felt exhausted at the thought of having been at their mercy for so long.

“No! Because Lily told me! She said, Even if I get married, we’ll still love each other and Amelia won’t leave me, because of her parents and the benefits!”

“No, that’s not true. Believe me, brother Aaron is the only one Lily loves!”

“It doesn’t matter which one.”

Aaron hushed her with a voice that made the floor shiver.

He had a very angry expression on his face.

“You’re both so self-centered. If you’re not going to apologize to Amelia, get out of here now.”

Aaron said dismissively, and the two of them began defending themselves in such a competitive manner that my head began to hurt.

They can’t even bring themselves to apologize to me, let alone defend themselves.

“Stop talking. That’s enough, children.”

Lord Hanover says with a look of disgust on his face.

They, however, did not stop.

They gradually progressed to accusing each other, until Lily threw a tantrum and looked at Aaron.

“Wait a minute, brother Aaron! That’s not you! Where is the brother Aaron who only cared about Lily!?

She pleaded desperately, and now she was looking at me angrily.

She appears to be looking for something or someone to blame for everything.

She must have been like this since birth.

“It’s all your fault! You were the one who made my brother mad!”

Aaron attempted to rise to protect me from Lily, who was about to grab me.

I stop him with a look and stare at her calmly.

“…There has never been an Aaron who loved you. Aaron has always been a man of integrity, a man who hates crookedness, a man who sees things fairly. He wouldn’t love someone like you, who is a liar, a cheat, and a coward.”

I said, looking her straight in the eye.

Lily’s eyes widened in surprise, as if she hadn’t expected me to respond in kind.

Even after being pushed around so many times, I had never complained directly to Lily, so she had to assume she could say whatever she wanted.

I simply didn’t have the energy to fight someone who was unconcerned about his fiancée.

I gave Aaron a reassuring smile.

Since his return, he has always respected me and prioritized my feelings.

I can be as strong for Aaron as I want to be.

“What are you staring at! Don’t take Lily’s brother away from me!”

I look at Lily again at the sound of her voice.

Her beautiful face was distorted and ugly, as if she was displaying her true self.

“I despise you. Aaron does not belong to you. He is going to be my husband. Don’t ever touch him again.”

At the moment I made a statement, something suddenly hit my face and I closed my eyes.


Aaron shouts and gets up from his chair.

As I slowly open my eyes, I notice Lily’s face turning red. Looking at the glass in her hand, it appears that she has spilled a drink on me.

“Get a towel for Amelia! Hurry up! Lily, what have you done! “

“It’s fine.”

I stopped his yelling and wiped the dripping water away with the back of my hand.

I look at Lily, who appears to be pleased with herself.

“Are you content now?”

“No,” she replied.

“Cheap love. It doesn’t hurt or itch.”

I simply said this without the slightest hesitation and accepted the towel offered by the servant with thanks.

Lily’s lips pursed in annoyance as she realized I hadn’t done anything to her, and her hands shook as she clutched her empty glass.

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