After Breaking Up with His Fiancée, Who in Favor of His Weak Childhood Friend, She Ended Up Marrying His Brother – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: On the spur of the moment, confession│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“So, you’ve got everything figured out, right?”

My father’s lips twisted into a smile, and he drank his glass of wine as I returned to the salon with Aaron.

He saw Aaron gripping my shoulder and the tear-streaked face, and he understood everything.

Before I knew it, Lord Hanover was standing next to me, and I could tell that my parents had come with me after he told them everything.

Lord Hanover, I’m sure, orchestrated everything so well.

“Sir, yes. I appreciate your forgiveness. “

Aaron took a step forward and bowed deeply, as if responding to my embarrassment.

“No, no, there’s no need to be so formal. Let’s celebrate together, my future son-in-law. “

“May God continue to bless you both in the future.”

In a cheerful mood, Lord Hanover lifted his glass and followed my father.

His rosy cheeks were smiling and relaxed because it seemed to be satisfying.

“Come on, you two. Amelia and the others are in difficulty. You need to get your stuff together. “

My mother expresses her displeasure.

The two fathers didn’t appear to mind; they were drinking and joking joyfully.

“I won’t talk to you. Let’s leave the males alone for now. Come on, you two.”

As we waited there, the Marchioness of Hanover called to us.

They smiled cheerfully and narrowed their eyes as we stood side by side in front of the two mothers.

“First of all, congratulations. Amelia. My apologies. I had no idea of the trouble you were having. I will discipline Musker later. “

“…It’s okay, it’s my responsibility that I can’t stop him from changing. “

I smiled at her expression of concern.

Musker was, indeed, friendly to me at first. Enough to have faith in his love for me.

But as Lily’s calls got more frequent, so did his demeanor toward me.

We should have discussed it more when I first recognized it, but it became worse because I was terrified he would give up on me.

“I’m sorry I caused you all to be dragged around by my inadequacies.”

When I bowed to her, she gave me a kind smile and shook her head.

“To be honest, my husband and I assumed you’d go with Aaron. I suppose you’re settled in where you belong.”

“True, I assumed that Amelia and Aaron were in love with each other, so I was surprised when Amelia said she would choose Musker.”

“Mother… There are various reasons for this.”

My mother smiles at me, but I remain silent.

My embarrassment, Musker’s falsehoods, and Aaron’s reluctance

There are several factors at work which I am unable to adequately describe.

However, I believe the primary reason is myself.

“I assume you just believed one side of the story and rushed off without talking about it.”

“That is… indeed… mother.”

She’s absolutely correct, and I cannot disagree with her.

Mothers are scary creatures.

I felt very sorry, but my mother’s eyes were drawn to Aaron.

” Aaron. I know she’s not always the greatest, but please look after her.”

“Oh~, it is he who is insufficient. He’s the one who lost to his brother and ran away.”

“That’s awful. Aren’t I modest and thoughtful?”

“No, I have nothing to say in response.”

Mrs. Hanover’s harsh comments caused Aaron’s shoulders to fall.

But nothing is wrong with him. I quickly opened my lips to apologize for making him feel this way as a result of my actions.

“Um, no! It was just me running away! I didn’t know what to do when I discovered I loved Aaron, and I was frightened. Aaron hadn’t done anything wrong, and my attitude wasn’t good either. I had misunderstood him. I was very happy that he loved me all along, and I had been in love with him for a long time, but I couldn’t express myself adequately.”


“That is why Aaron is…”

The Marchioness smiled as she awaited my desperate plea.

“You should stop now, because my son looks like he’s about to die.”


When I turned in the marchioness’s direction, I noticed Aaron with a scarlet face, covering his mouth with one hand and turning away.

Then I realize what I’ve said and become bright crimson.

“…Fortunately, You love each other.”

This is spoken with a smile by the Marchioness.

She seemed like she was having a great time.

“… Yes. I’ve always been in love with him. I sincerely apologize for what I did to Musker.”

I felt embarrassed, yet that’s what I wanted to say to Aaron earlier. I didn’t want to hide it any longer now that I’d stated it.

“It’s all right. Anyway, that boy was cheating.”

“Is this a dig at Aaron?”

“I suppose.”

“That’s the kind of boy he is. Just because Lily can’t be his.”

“I don’t like her.”

“Me as well.”

“I don’t want to see anyone but Daisy in that family.”

“I understand.”

Although they don’t show it on their faces, our mothers seem to be pretty inebriated as well.

I’m perplexed by the impolite exchange of dialogue.

“Amelia, let’s go.” 

“Yes, but where?”

I was flustered when he hugged me on the shoulder, as though to encourage me.

I don’t think I’ll be able to adjust to this distance anytime soon.

“Somewhere we can spend time together. “

“Oh no, you need to drink too.”

“Please stop talking, mother. You’ve had too many drinks. I appreciate your assistance, but you’re not going to use Amelia as your drinking companion.”

Aaron says, a sour expression on his face.

I can’t help but notice how mature he seems to me.

I’ve never seen him so childishly and openly grumpy.

And when I knew he was flustered with me, I couldn’t keep my face from smiling.

“We’ve just been reunited. Let me soak it in a little.”

Okay,okay. I apologize. I’m simply overjoyed. We’ll discuss it over dinner. Take your time till then. “

The Marchioness waved her hand with a sardonic grin.

I bowed, and Aaron took my hand as if to hasten me up, as if he didn’t want me to remain chilled any longer.

The ordinarily prudent pair cheered mischievously as they saw our hands joined.

I laughed as I stared at Aaron.

I’m terrified of alcohol.

I’ll be careful when I’m old enough to drink.

I was overjoyed to be able to establish such unobtrusive eye contact.


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After Breaking up With His Fiancée, Who in Favor of His Weak Childhood Friend, She Ended up Marrying His Brother

After Breaking up With His Fiancée, Who in Favor of His Weak Childhood Friend, She Ended up Marrying His Brother

Seishintekini yowai osananajimi o yūsen suru fianse o sutetara, kare no ani to kekkon suru koto ni narimashita, 精神的に弱い幼馴染を優先する婚約者を捨てたら、彼の兄と結婚することになりました
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Musker, the fiancé of the Marchioness Amelia, puts his childhood friend in the priority. He proudly tells her that she is frail and he must help her. Amelia is worried about her upcoming wedding. Musker answers his childhood friend’s calls during all the important wedding conversations, including choosing the rings and the dress. Amelia has finally given up on marrying him after seeing him like this. However, when she asks Musker’s father to formally break the engagement, he makes her wait and asks for more time. Musker’s brother Aaron, who had studied abroad for years, returned a month later and assured Amelia, “I swear I will make you happy. Please marry me.” Amelia can only nod her head in perplexity at the confession of Aaron, whom she has long loved but given up on since he had another woman in his life.


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