After Breaking Up with His Fiancée, Who in Favor of His Weak Childhood Friend, She Ended Up Marrying His Brother – Chapter 9

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“Sit down, both of you.”

His mother smiles as she observes their reaction.

But they didn’t seem to hear her and didn’t return to their seats.

“Don’t be a fool! You got engaged to my brother the day you broke off your engagement to me? What kind of ruse did you employ, you wh*re? Sl*t!”


“Musker. “

Just as I was about to respond to the horrible accusation, Aaron cut me off with a low, earth-shaking voice.

Musker flinched, his face contorted in a rage he’d never seen before.

“I will not let you insult Amelia. You’re the one who wasn’t honest. You’ll pay with your life for hurting her.”


Musker’s face flushed with fear as he felt Aaron’s quiet rage.

His lips quivered slightly, but he didn’t seem to be able to respond.


Another scream pierced the silence.

Lily’s face flushed, and she clutched her clothes tightly, looking as if she was begging to Aaron.

“It’s a lie, it’s a lie! Brother Aaron is going to marry Lily! You promised !?”

Lily stamps her foot like she’s throwing a tantrum.

It’s her habit when she’s unhappy with something.

However, even though she was already looking like a grown-up, her childish behavior seemed a bit out of place.

“… Aaron?”

Lord Hanover looked at Aaron, wondering what she meant.

“No, I don’t.”

Aaron replies with a calm face.

He must have seen this coming.

With a calm expression, he was able to remain unfazed.

“You did! When you told Lily you liked her, you said, “When I grow up”

“I told her that a child can’t have those feelings.”

Aaron quickly denied Lily’s claim.

The words of Aaron, who has an outstanding memory, are much more reliable than the words of Lily, who tells convenient lies on the spot.

In fact, it’s hard to believe that he would say such an irresponsible thing, and Aaron’s statement would definitely be correct.

But it’s still an amazing misunderstanding.

“No! You even kissed me! You told me you loved me. “

“When Lily was six, I think. I remember that when she came to stay at our house, she threw a tantrum and said she wouldn’t go to sleep unless I kissed her, so I had no choice but to kiss her on the forehead. She asked me if I loved her, and I said I loved her as much as Daisy loved her.”

That means he doesn’t love her at all.

Knowing the feud between the sisters, I knew immediately.

Since then, Daisy must have been sad because of Lily.

I’m surprised that Lily still loves Aaron so much, not just in the past.

Then what is it that has been driving me and Musker wild all this time?

What was Musker thinking when he fell in love with Lily?

When I glanced at Musker in confusion, his face turned red and he was shaking like a lamb.

Musker slammed the table as hard as he could, as if he had suddenly had a tantrum.

My body jumped at the loud sound.

“Why is it always you!!

Aaron gently placed his hand on my hand, which was almost frightened by the intense emotion.

I looked at Aaron, and he smiled reassuringly at me.

I quickly regained my composure.

Lily glared at me as if she didn’t like the fact that we were looking at each other.

But I wasn’t afraid.

I squeezed Aaron’s hand back.

When I looked straight back at her, she looked away as if she was slightly frightened.

“Father, mother, you always favored my brother! Lily always preferred him! Amelia is the same way! After all, I’m always unlovable!”

I can’t help but notice Musker’s insistence.

Unlike Daisy, I’ve never seen him blatantly abused.

On the contrary, he always wanted Aaron’s things and he always gave them to him.

His education cost more than Aaron’s because of his lack of academic ability, and his clothing and hobbies must have cost many times more than Aaron’s, who preferred to be simple.

Of course, I have never heard Mr. and Mrs. Hanover compare the two brothers and say that one of them is better than the other.

I don’t know if it’s possible to tell when others are not looking, but I have never heard Musker, who is always complaining, say anything that would make me feel clearly discriminated against.

At most, it was something like covetousness, jealousy, or paranoia.

Even if you call it favoritism, I could only see it as a lack of effort on Musker’s part.

“Just when my brother is finally gone and Lily is caring for me! Why are you coming back? This is the worst!”

“Don’t say weird things! I don’t like Musker! Brother Aaron said he would wait until Lily grew up without getting married, so I just played with you until then! “

Lily struggled to argue with Musker’s screaming.

She doesn’t want to give Aaron the wrong impression, but he probably didn’t tell her to wait without marriage.

“If you’re talking about when you confessed to me before we left the country, I said I wasn’t going to marry, but that wasn’t for Lily’s sake. I just couldn’t imagine marrying anyone but Amelia.”

As expected, he quickly corrects her, and her cheeks heat up.

When I looked at Aaron’s hand, which was still connected to mine, he turned away, as if embarrassed.

But still, she has the guts to confess her feelings over and over again.

If it were me, I’d be too scared to tell him again if he rejected me even once.

But as far as Lily is concerned, she might not even think that she was rejected at all.

“Lie! Brother’s You’re a liar! You love Lily!”

” I’ve never loved you. I’ve only ever loved Amelia. “

Lily was at a loss for words.

I was so happy to hear Aaron’s serious words that I couldn’t stop my cheeks from burning.

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