Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Demonstration of Attack Magic

An attack magic demonstration was held in Heartfield, located to the east of the Sloane territory. The organizer is the lord of this territory. The lord is now delivering the opening remarks.

“Among wizards, those who excel in attack magic have the power equivalent to a hundred ordinary soldiers. Wizards who excel in attack magic are treasures of our country. Thanks to their presence, our country is secure. Today, I would like to showcase their exceptional magic skills to all our citizens. Please, everyone, enjoy the rare and splendid magic performances.”

The lord of Heartfield deliberately emphasizes only the attack magic.

Pauline-san complains to me with a bitter expression.

“I know it’s intentional, but as a visionary wizard, I have some questions. I think it would be even more unpleasant for the absorption and elimination wizards.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, it makes me sick.”

The square is much larger than the one where Victor and I used to sell gelato. Ten practitioners of attack magic are lined up there, deliberately dressed in magnificent uniforms for the ceremony. Hundreds of residents have gathered to catch a glimpse of them.

Among the crowd, there are plainclothes security guards and wizards capable of exploration magic. If a whirlwind occurs, it is my role to indicate the direction and path of its movement.

Soon, the demonstration of attack magic begins. 

One person throws a lightweight wooden plate high into the air. Immediately, another person casts a fire spell. Boom! The plate catches fire and burns up in mid-air. What was that? Can it be incinerated in an instant? I wonder how high the temperature is.

Next is a demonstration by an ice magic user.

When a small cushion is thrown, ice arrows pierce through it in mid-air. Then, another ice arrow is shot towards the falling cushion, shattering it into pieces and causing the feathers inside to rain down on the audience.

The spectators are all in great excitement.

Some cheer, some clap their hands, and others jump up and down in joy. Everyone is delighted.

After all the demonstrations are over, when it is time to disperse, something catches my eye.

“They’re here! Over there!”

A swirling whirlwind starts moving from the edge of the venue. Its target is likely the wizards who demonstrated the attack magic. I gesture to indicate the direction where the whirlwind is occurring. Many security guards and wizards rush towards that direction. The wizards should be using exploration magic to find the culprit.

Amidst the chaotic venue, the voice of the security personnel resounds.

“Everyone in the audience, please stay still! Stay where you are!”

Upon hearing that voice, the panicked spectators also stop moving and watch the situation unfold.

After a while, two boys are apprehended. Thank goodness, the incident seems to be resolved. The boys, who were causing trouble, have their clothes disheveled and are covered in dirt from being pinned down to the ground. They glare at me with a frustrated expression.

“You dogs of the kingdom!” 

Bound by ropes and being pulled away, the boys insult me. I’m slightly shocked to be called a dog of the kingdom, but the lord reassures me, saying, “Don’t worry. Thanks to Haru, we’re safe.”

A few days later, Conrad-san visits Cyril’s house and informs me of the results of the interrogation in Heartfield.

They are children of minor nobles and seem to possess weak wind magic and equally weak absorption and elimination magic.

They found it amusing to drain the magical power of others using a method they learned from their comrades, causing them to collapse one after another. On the day of the demonstration, they had planned to attack only one person and then escape.

“If they were caught, then we can rest easy.”

When I say that, Conrad-san’s face becomes grim.

“It’s not that simple. It seems they are part of a faction of dissatisfied wizards in the kingdom. They were sharing the method of creating those whirlwinds among themselves. We have to find and apprehend that faction. There may be members in our territory as well.”

Saying that, Conrad-san leaves. The incident has not yet been fully resolved. Could those boys who Victor and the others failed to catch be part of that faction? Perhaps sensing my gloomy mood, Victor thoughtfully invites me outside.

“Haru, would you like to go and bathe in the golden powder?”

“Yes, let’s go!”

We go out to the backyard together. We each take a seat on the chairs placed to the right and left of the golden fountain. The golden powder is still gushing out magnificently tonight. 

“Hey, Haru. My health is improving day by day. This place is amazing.”

“I feel bad monopolizing it just the two of us.”

We relax together. However, suddenly, Victor stands up and looks around.

“I sense someone’s presence.”


As I look around, a whirlwind is forming in the corner of the backyard.

“It’s coming! Victor, stay away! I’ll make it disappear!”

“Wait! Haru!”

I run towards the whirlwind. If I touch it, that thing will disappear. I had been thinking only about eliminating it, but while running, someone grabs my arm, causing me to fall. As I try to get up, a black cloth bag is quickly placed over my head.

“Hey! Let go of Haru!”

“Oops. If you attack us, she’ll die.”

A voice I’ve never heard before. Something hard and sharp is pressed against my neck. Blades are not good. I can nullify magic, but I can’t resist blades.

“Ice Lance!”

“Whoa! It disappeared?”

It seems that Victor’s ice spear disappeared as I made it vanish. My ability is inconvenient! The man carries me as if holding me and starts running.


Only six months left until the great disaster foreseen by Pauline.

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