Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Voices of Conrad-san and Kuro.

“Oh, long time no see. The messenger bird said you have an important report.”

“I saw the culprit of the whirlwind.”

“Victor, really? Well then, come inside first.”

Conrad-san, the lord of Sloane Territory, welcomed us as we visited him unexpectedly.

We explained what we had witnessed in the reception room where we were guided. Pauline mentioned the possibility of the crime being committed by someone who resents discrimination and prejudice based on the type of magic.

“I see. Just as I suspected in Heartfield, it was the work of a wizard. Moreover, a young boy, huh? It seems that what Pauline-san said about discrimination and prejudice against those who use draining magic might not be unrelated. That’s why they targeted Victor, who uses ice magic, and me, a fire wizard. The fact that I am a fire wizard is known to the commoners and nobles.”

Conrad-san pondered for a while.

“However, if it was a crime committed by a wizard, there won’t be any evidence left. We have no choice but to apprehend them at the scene.”

Then Pauline-san came up with an idea.

“How about we become bait? You know that I’m slow, so they might come after me again.”

“But today, they might be cautious because we chased after them. I wonder.”

“Well, let’s observe while selling gelato at the square.”

Everyone agreed with my opinion, and we decided to sell gelato at the square while being cautious.

“By the way, is there any gelato left? My wife and children have been making a fuss about wanting to try the gelato that has been the talk of the town lately.”

“Yes, there is. Since there was an incident before we could sell it today, we have the entire stock left.”

“Great, then I’ll buy it all.”

After that, Conrad-san’s wife and two daughters also came to the reception room, and they were delighted with the gelato. We were also delighted because we sold everything in one go.

A week passed.

There was no information about a whirlwind occurring in Sloane Territory. And today, Conrad-san came to Cyril-san’s house for a strategy meeting. Currently, the five of us, including the host Cyril-san, are in the middle of a discussion.

“Has the culprit already gone to another territory?”

“No, I haven’t received any such information yet.”

“Communication takes time when it’s from another territory, right?”

“No, if it’s between wizards, we can communicate using messenger birds. It can send messages to multiple places simultaneously and is much faster than a fast horse. There is a distance limit, but by connecting messages from lord to lord, information can reach far.”

I see. So those little birds can not only monitor but also transmit information. That’s nice. I want to have one too.

“What color is Conrad-san’s bird?”

“Mine? It’s green. Deep green. Oh, Haru, can you see it?”

“Yes, I can. Show it to me. . .”

“Here it is.”

Conrad-san put his index finger on his lips and chanted a spell. Immediately, a deep green bird flew in circles around the room. While flying, it spoke in Conrad-san’s voice, saying, “In a meeting. Currently in a meeting.” Unfortunately, Cyril-san couldn’t see or hear it.

“Magic birds are convenient. I envy you. Mine would just scare people.”

“Oh, really? Haru, do you have an animal you can summon?”

“Well, it’s an animal, but can I bring it out now? Conrad-san, can you promise not to be surprised or attack?”

“Oh, I won’t attack someone else’s summoned animal.”

“Then, Kuro, come here.”



Conrad-san stood up and prepared to use magic.

“Conrad-san, it’s okay. This is Kuro. We’re good friends.”


I held Kuro’s face between my hands and made eye contact, speaking to him.

“Kuro, can you convey my words to everyone here?”


“Then, tell them, ‘I’m Kuro, nice to meet you.’”


Kuro looked at everyone’s faces. And then…




“What is this?”

For some reason, everyone’s faces were amazing.

“Well, the message was properly conveyed to their minds,” said Conrad-san.

“It’s not Haru’s voice,” said Victor.

“It’s a low voice that sounds like it’s coming from the depths of the earth,” said Pauline-san.

“I see, so this is what happens when a monster speaks,” said Cyril-san. It seems that Cyril-san can hear Kuro’s communication as well.

“You conveyed it properly, so please praise him.”

All three of them agreed, but their reactions were like, “We’ve had enough of Kuro’s voice, we’re full.”

“Kuro, you’re really smart and helpful.”


“Well, from now on, think of this voice as a message from me.”

Everyone nodded with a bitter expression.

We gave up for the day and disbanded.

And a few days later, at night, Conrad-san’s green bird appeared above the four of us while we were having dinner.

[There seems to be a whirlwind in Heartfield Territory.]

It was Conrad-san’s voice.

“Oh, did the bird appear?”

Cyril-san looked at us with great interest.

“It’s Lord Conrad-san’s bird.”

“I see.”

“It seems there is another whirlwind. The location is Heartfield Territory. The roads there are like a network, so it will be difficult to catch the culprit.”

Then Cyril-san made a suggestion with a smile.

“If it’s difficult to catch them, why not lure them? If we hold an event that hurts the pride of the culprits, a boy with a strong desire for self-display might not be able to resist and come on his own, don’t you think?”

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