Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Interrogation of Wildcat

Ah, it’s painful. My head is throbbing.

I seem to be lying face down on the back of a horse with a bag over my head. The rough rope is prickling my skin, and being tightly bound, it hurts all over.

It’s really painful. If I stay in this position, I feel like my nose will start bleeding.

“Stay still and sit properly on the horse!”

“Shut up!”


Damn it.

Hang in there, me. Victor and Pauline are both skilled wizards, so they must be tracking me. They will definitely come to rescue me.

…As if reading my thoughts, the man riding with me spoke up.

“No help is coming. We’re using anti-tracking magic.”

How much magic do they have? Do they even have stealth capabilities? While encouraging myself with thoughts like “It’s okay, calm down,” I tried to be careful not to fall off the horse. Falling with my head down from the height of the horse’s back would be no joke.

How much time has passed since then?

“Get off once. If you try to escape, I’ll kill you.”

The man said that and helped me down. The ropes loosened a bit, but the bag over my head remained. Except for receiving water during a restroom break, we traveled on horseback.

I wonder how much Kuro can help. It’s my last resort, so it might be too early to call Kuro now. If they have a base, I’ll summon the demon cat there.

…However, what if Kuro’s abilities are just scratching? It would be troublesome if the demon cat can only jump a little. I should have known Kuro’s abilities in advance. 

The horse finally stopped. It seems we’ve reached our destination. I can sense the presence of multiple people. I was pulled along by the rope, stumbling.

“Mole, good job.”


“That woman, she’s a wizard who can erase what she sees.”


“Well done.”

The man who kidnapped me moved away. Is Mole a code name? And Mole’s superior is a woman.

“Woman, what’s your name?”


As I said that, I lost my balance and fell. I couldn’t stand up because I was still bound. The floor was cold and chilly.

“We’ll talk later. Frog, take care of her. She seems quite tired.”


While trembling from the coldness of the floor, I was pulled up and made to walk by Frog. I was made to sit on a bed and given water.

“Are you hungry, by any chance?”

I nodded firmly.

“I see. I’m sorry. You must have been surprised.”

Saying that, Frog left the room. Then he quickly returned and untied my ropes, handing me a cup. It smelled good. The smell of soup. There was bread too.

“The bag stays on.”

I slowly ate the soup and bread given to me from under the bag. I chewed slowly and drank. Since I still had the bag on, I couldn’t see the room.

“It was delicious. Thank you.”

“Can you speak now? Someone will come to clean you up.”

Saying that, Frog left, and a woman came in. 

“I’ll untie the rope. It’s quite dirty, so use hot water and a towel to clean yourself.”

I could imagine how dirty I must be. I was handed a towel and lukewarm water, and I blindly wiped my whole body. I felt refreshed. Just that alone made me feel more human.

“Don’t try to escape because I’m here. If you do, I’ll have to tie you up even tighter. You wouldn’t like that, would you?”


I heard new footsteps, and the voice of the woman from earlier.

“I’m Wildcat. You must be tired, but I need you to answer my questions. Oh, by the way, the Familiars won’t be able to find you here, and you won’t be able to use Familiars either.”

Then, a lengthy interrogation by Wildcat began.

“If you refuse to answer or tell a single lie, I’ll have to kill a child. Even if it’s an unknown child, you wouldn’t want a child to be killed because of you, right?”

At that moment, the timing was perfect as a child started crying.

“Help! Don’t kill me! Let me go home. Please.”

Oh well. . . This is probably a staged child’s voice, but if it’s real, it’s troublesome.

“Fine. I won’t harm the child.”

“It’s good that you’re obedient.”

I answered each question honestly. The same questions were asked repeatedly, trying to catch me in a lie. I answered truthfully to avoid being mistaken for lying. 

I revealed that I’m not from this world, that I was summoned to this country, that I have no magical power, that the only wizards I know are Victor and Pauline, that Conrad-san asked for my help in apprehending the culprit, and that I can see whirlwinds.

I answered honestly to the questions asked, but I managed to avoid answering about being able to nullify offensive magic or about Kuro. When asked how I made the whirlwind disappear, I repeated that I didn’t know. Because I really don’t know.

Then the child cried again, seeking help, so I started crying loudly too.

“Stop it! Don’t hurt the child! I don’t understand anything either! I can’t answer what I don’t know! Waaaah!”

“Alright, alright. Stop crying, you’re being noisy. But speaking of which, you’re the person summoned from another world, huh? Those guys must be disappointed. I wanted to see their faces when they found out that someone without magical power was summoned. Hehehe. Well, now I’ll investigate whether you really have no magical power. If I find out you’re lying, one child will die.”

It seems that Wildcat can use some kind of appraisal magic. After that, my lack of magical power was properly appraised.

Thank goodness. 

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