Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store – Prologue Part 2

Prologue Part 2: I’m Not Getting Kicked Out, I’m Leaving

(Ugh, it’s dazzling…)

Olivia couldn’t help but narrow her eyes.

In her blue eyes, she sees the drawing room of her house, which she hasn’t entered in almost a year.

Gilded wallpaper and a gleaming chandelier. The golden antiques on the shelves are closely lined up, and a huge magic stone lamp lights up the room as if it were daylight. 

Olivia comes home from work tired, and the room is not very friendly to her eyes.

(…What a taste for the rich. There is nothing left of the original, elegant drawing room. If my father and mother had lived, none of this would have happened.)

Olivia sighs. 

Her attitude irked someone.

An older, bearded man in a gold-embroidered jacket, sitting on a sofa in the middle of the room, shouted at her. 

“Are you listening to me, Olivia?!”

“Yes, I’m listening.” 

Olivia looked at the four people sitting on the sofa. 

Her uncle and stepfather, Baronet Carter, was blushing and angry. 

Her step-mother was sitting with a wicked smile on her face. 

Olivia’s fiancé, Henry, and his stepsister, Catherine, sit close to Henry and look up at her, wearing a womanly sweet mask. 

Olivia opened her mouth, thinking that it was a disgusting combination.

“I’m sorry, but could you repeat that just in case?” 

Her stepfather turned red and shouted.

“I don’t like your aloof attitude! Listen to me! You’re fired for today! Get out of here right now!”

“…May I ask why?” 

Olivia asked calmly, and her stepfather smiled triumphantly.

“I heard! The magic stone jewelry you said you designed was all Catherine’s idea! You’re no better than a wrench, taking credit for your sister’s ideas!”

Henry, her fiancé, who had been sitting there in silence, spoke up with a grim expression on his face. 

“I’ve heard that you’ve been bullying Catherine for years. You’ve abused her every chance you get and taken things from her. You’re disgusting.” 

“Henry-sama. I’ve had a really hard time.” 

Catherine, her strawberry blonde hair shaking and her green eyes spilling tears of loveliness.

Olivia looked at the four of them with a blank expression. 

(… I wonder if these people are serious.)

Catherine, her cousin and stepsister, is a girl who only cares about her looks and dressing up.

She never came to the store nor asked her about her work. 

There’s no way she could design a magic tool if she’s not interested in making one.

(… And I’m the one who’s had it rough.)

Shortly after her parents died a year and a half ago, her uncle and his family took advantage of the fact that Olivia was still a minor and came to the house as the “guardian’s in-laws.” 

They robbed her of all sorts of things.

A sunny room, her favorite dresses and accessories, and the right to manage her father’s [Carter Great Magic’s Tool Store] and the store’s sales.

All she’s left with is a small, sunless room and a nominal position as “assistant manager”. a job title that implies only hard work and a meager salary

It’s Olivia who’s been abused and taken away.

Olivia’s silence has made him angry.

Her stepfather yelled at her. 

“As the owner of Carter’s Great magic tools Store, I hereby terminate your employment, Assistant Manager Olivia. And I declare myself as your stepfather. As of today, I am cutting all ties with you! Get out right now!”

“I also declare. I’m breaking off our engagement. I’ve had enough of you!”

Henry says loudly, holding Catherine protectively with a smile on his face.

Olivia narrows her eyes. 

She has a lot to say.

But they’ve never listened to anything she’s said, and if she says it again, it would only lead to another farce. 

(For the past year, I’ve put up with a lot to protect my father’s store, but I’ve reached my limit. I’m sorry father.)

Olivia looked up with a start.

(In the end, let’s leave with an open mind. I’m not getting kicked out, I’m leaving.)

She straightened up, looked her stepfather in the eye, and said matter-of-factly. 

“Yes, I understand.” 


The four of them look at each other in shock, perhaps because they did not expect Olivia’s words.

Her stepmother twisted her face and cried out. 

“You! Do you know what you just said?!”

“Yes—Leaving the store and the house and breaking off the engagement, is that right?”

“…Y-Yes, that’s right.” 

Olivia’s composure startled her stepmother. 

Catherine shouted.



“Why are you being so normal?” 

(Obviously, she thought I was going to cry and scream.) Olivia shrugged and thought. 

“Well, to be honest, there’s no reason to be surprised.” 


(For the last time. I think we’re done here. I’ve said all I have to say.)

Olivia looked calmly at her stepfather. 

“When you brought two new people into the store two months ago, I knew something was wrong. It’s strange that my stepfather, who barely pays me a salary, would hire someone for such a humanitarian reason [because Olivia is having a hard time]. He brought them with the intention of having them work in my place, didn’t he?” 

Exasperated, her stepfather looked away. 

“Henry-sama, too. You haven’t visited me, written to me, or given me a gift in the last six months. I had even forgotten that we were engaged. You’ve been going out with Catherine a lot, so I guess you’ve been busy.” 


Henry mumbles in his mouth, turning red and blue.

Her stepmother stood up, looking like a demon.

“Olivia, don’t be rude!” 

Olivia gave her stepmother an emotionless look. 

“By the way, yesterday stepmother, you asked me to lend you money. You were going to kick me out of the house and asked me to lend you the money so you wouldn’t have to pay me back. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any money to lend you. “


Olivia is about to leave the room when she sees her stepmother’s mouth agape with anger.

Her stepfather yelled.

“Wait! —Where are you going?” 

“To my room. I’m going to get my things.”

“That won’t be necessary! Your bags are packed. We can’t let a thief get up there.”

a sudden change from a furious look. Her stepmother begins to grin.

“I helped too,” said Catherine, with a nasty smile.

Olivia takes one look at her suitcase in the corner of the room and shrugs. 

“I don’t want it.”


“I said, ‘I don’t want it’. It’s just stuffed with rubbish anyway, isn’t it?”

With those words, Olivia brought the suitcase to the center of the room and opened it for all to see. 

Inside are a number of items that look like junk, such as faded clothes, underwear, and patched up scraps of paper. 

“T-This is…” Henry is speechless and her stepmother and Catherine turn pale. 

Olivia quickly moved her eyes, thinking to herself that she also didn’t expect it to be this bad.

(I knew the design book was not in here. I didn’t sign it, so I can’t argue with them if they say it’s Catherine’s drawing. But it’s my fault for not having it with me and leaving it in my room. I’ll just have to give it up…) 

Then, Olivia asked.

“Where is the bank note? It was in my room, wasn’t it?” 

Her stepmother looked sullen.

“I don’t know. I didn’t see it. Where did you put it? Tell me and I’ll find it for you.”

“No, thank you.” 

Olivia ignored her stepmother’s looks and looked at Catherine. 

“I look forward to seeing your future designs. I’m sure the next watch design will have a rainbow motif. I had a hard time thinking of it, but I had to give it to you.”

“Oh, that’s terrible. It’s something I made!”

Catherine bursts into tears and leans against Henry. 

Without looking at her, Olivia laid the two keys in front of her stepfather.

“Here are the keys to the house, and here are the keys to the store. I gave them back to you. And Henry-sama—you will be my witness, won’t you?” 


Henry nods with his eyes wide open, holding Catherine in his arms.

Olivia’s stepfather is taken aback by Olivia’s grace.

Olivia gives them a cold look and moves to the entrance of the room.

She turned and bowed politely toward the inside.

“Have a good day. I wish you all well.” 

Leaving the four of them speechless, Olivia walked toward the front door with her back straight. 

She walks out, closes the door and sighs, “I’m tired…”

She turns on her heel and disappears into the night without turning around.

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