Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store – Prologue Part 1

Prologue Part 1: Introduction of the Characters

Contains spoilers. Please be warned.

▼ Olivia Carter

・Gray hair close to black with blue eyes

・She is a magic tool maker by profession and inherited the talent of his father, who was also a magic tool maker. Specializing in jewelry made from magic stones. She loves to create and design.

・When her parents died, her uncle and his family acted as guardians, took over her house and store, took her design and fiancé by her stepsister, and kicked her out.

▼ Elliot Dixx

・A tall, blond-haired, handsome young man.

・His trademark is a pair of green round tinted glasses and a brown hunting cap in the style of a merchant.

・Poses as the third son of the Dixx family, who run a Great Chamber of Commerce.

・Olivia’s friend. He often invites her to dinner.


・A cheerful woman with red hair and green eyes.

・She runs a business called “Sally’s Bridal store.”

・A Good friend of Olivia’s.


・A petite girl with dark hair and eyes.

・She became an employee at Olivia’s store through Elliot’s referral.

・Unassuming, but super competent.

・A bit like a black cat.


Sally’s lover and member of the Order of Knights.

・Good guy, so to speak.


・A tall, strong, middle-aged man.

Owner of the largest magic tools store in the royal capital called [Gordon’s Great magic tools Store].

・He is a close friend to Olivia’s father and has been asked to help Olivia in any way he can.

▼Catherine (stepsister)

・Beautiful girl with strawberry blonde and green eyes.

Olivia’s stepsister who stole her fiancé and her designs.

・She is shallow-minded, but clever.

▼ Henry (former fiance)

・A blond-haired, blue-eyed, prince-like young man.

Olivia’s former fiancé, the fourth son of Viscount Bergor.

・He falls in love with Catherine and breaks off his engagement to Olivia.

▼ Viscount Bergor.

・Henry’s father, lord of the Daregas region.

・Forceful and calculating.

・The person who pushed Olivia and Henry’s engagement forward.

・He’s trying to get a promotion.

▼ Baronet Carter (step-father)

・Olivia’s uncle, brother of Olivia’s father.

・After Olivia’s father died, he moved into the house with his wife and daughter Catherine as Olivia’s guardian.

・Take over the magic tool store and start a business for aristocrats


Elderly employee of Carter’s Great magic tools Store.

・He was an ally of Olivia, but collapsed from exhaustion from the hard work and returned to the countryside.


・Cousin of Olivia, daughter of her mother’s brother.

・Lives pretty far away, but is good friends with Olivia.

・With many children

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