Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Washing Your Face in a Park Fountain Cause You to Smell Green

The early morning sun begins to rise in the east.

The chirping of the small birds

Olivia washes her face in a deserted park fountain while listening to the birds chirp.

(Hmm. It’s a little refreshing. I’m glad it’s not winter.)

After leaving the house.

She spent the night in this park near the town center.

She considered staying in a hotel, but she didn’t want to be accosted by anyone, so she wandered around the town and ended up in this park.

“I never imagined the day would come when I would sleep on a park bench…”

Olivia is sitting on the edge of the fountain, wiping her face with a handkerchief from her bag and mumbling to herself.

She stood up and double-checked her attire.

The outfit is completed by a plain white blouse, a short navy blue jacket, and a long flared navy blue skirt. hat in navy blue with blue floral trim.

The wrinkles in her clothes won’t be visible thanks to the crease-resistant material, and she can hide her almost black-gray hair in a variety of ways by braiding it horizontally and wearing a hat.

The only things that bother her are the dark circles under her eyes and the algae odor of the fountain water she washed her face in.

(Now is not the time to think that.)

Olivia cheers herself up by slapping her cheeks with both hands in the morning sun.

(Let’s move on!)

She first goes to the bank in the town center.

The goal is to report the loss of a banknote and issue a replacement.

As it looked yesterday, her in-laws had not been able to find the banknote in her room.

She can protect the money in the account and the contents of the safe deposit box if she blocks the banknote first thing in the morning.

She walked across the central square in the early morning sun and into the deserted bank, where a familiar bank teller sat at the reception desk and smiled at her.

“Isn’t it, Olivia-san? What an unusual sight at this hour.”

“Yes. I misplaced my banknote and would like to switch accounts.”

The bank teller looked apologetic.

“…I’m sorry, but we’ll have to speak with the person who misplaced the banknote. Could you please accompany me to another room?”

She shifted her gaze to the other room, where an elderly man in a bank uniform awaited her.

“I apologize. They’re becoming increasingly strict about lost banknotes.”

The man claimed that banknote counterfeiting, which has become common in neighboring countries, is also prevalent in this country.

“Simply put, [the bills are temporarily lost, and then the entire amount of money is withdrawn]. Rich merchants and storekeepers are frequently targeted.”

“I see.”

“That is why, when a banknote is lost, we have a uniform questioning system in place, and if someone shows up with the lost banknote, we will question them.”

Olivia quietly laughed to herself as she thought about her stepmother and stepfather being stuck behind the counter and trying to make up excuses.

(It’s a shame, but they deserved it if they attempted to withdraw funds from an account without permission.)

In response to the man’s question, she carefully explains the circumstances surrounding her loss and the fact that her family “has never seen it or heard anything about its disappearance.”

After being questioned, the man stood up.

“That’s all I have to ask. I just confirmed that the money in Olivia-san’s account is safe, so please be patient while we set up your new account.”

Olivia then notices the bank teller at the front desk opening a new account, and she sighs as she watches the teller leave the room with the paperwork.

(What should I do now?)

For the time being, she secured her money.

She has enough savings to last a year or so, but at this rate, they will dwindle.

(I must work somewhere…But where will I be working?)

It’s absurd, but she was let go from the store for a reason. Working as a magic tool maker in this town right now would be difficult.

She might be able to find work other than as a magic tool maker, but finding work other than as a magic tool maker is impossible for someone who loves magic stone jewelry and design.

She considers visiting her maternal cousin in town, but she cannot bother her cousin, who has just had a baby.

(Sigh… What shall I do?

In the face of the situation, she sighed involuntarily.

―and then, her father’s words before his death came to her mind.

[Open this letter if you are in trouble.]

On his sickbed, her father had given her an envelope.

After he died, it was painful to look at, so she kept it in a safe deposit box along with the money.

(That’s right! Now’s the time to open it!)

Olivia requests to see the safe deposit box from the bank teller, who brings her a new banknote.

She was led to the safe-deposit box, which she opened with the freshly made bill.

(Wow. I miss it…)

Inside are precious metals and watches from her parents.

When her in-laws tried to take them away from her, she quickly hid them there.

She took out the white envelope her father had given her, a little nervously.

When the envelope was opened, it revealed another sealed envelope and a letter.

The letter was written in shaky handwriting.

[In case of emergency, take the enclosed letter to Gordon’s store in the royal capital. I spoke with him.]

The address of Gordon’s store in the capital is printed on the back of the letter.

(Father, did you say anything to Gordon-san?)

She also recalled greeting a magic tool maker named Gordon, who came from the royal capital to attend her father’s funeral.

(I think I was told to ask if there was anything I needed.)

She was deep in thought as she examined the letter.

(…I don’t think visiting the royal capital is a bad idea.)

The royal capital is said to be many times larger than this town.

(There must be places where I can work as a magic tool maker.)

Olivia slips the letter and envelope into her pocket before closing the safe deposit box.

She thanked the bank teller who was standing nearby and exited the building.

The sun has already risen, and there are many people and horses on the cobblestones.

The sky is a deep blue when you look up.

Olivia made her decision while gazing at the sky.

“Let’s go to the capital.”

Even though she’s been kicked out, she can’t bear to leave her father’s store.

However, if she stopped making magic tools and stayed in this town, she would only be sorry, and her father, who was also a magic tool maker, would probably be sad.

If that’s the case, she’ll have to buy a ticket to the capital and work as a magic tool maker for a while.

With a determined look on her face, Olivia quickly walks to the train station

―She is unaware of it at this time.

“I am not a madam!”

About three hours later, on the platform of the train station, she yells at the man at the top of her lungs.

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I want to see when her “family” tries to appear with the banknotes!

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